Many people follow low carb weight loss plans such as the Slimming World SP plan, the Atkins diet and many more as it is widely believed and found by many that reducing carbs can help accelerate weight loss.

Lady holding large jeans away from her slim body with an apple in her hand on the Slimming world SP plan

Just Average Jen is an independent blog. It is not connected with any weight loss plan. The reader is responsible for checking nutritional values, Slimming World syns and WW points. Information given is approximate to the best of my knowledge.

What are SP days on Slimming World?

If you follow Slimming World then you are likely to know about the Slimming World SP plan. It is a short-term plan designed to help you lose weight a little quicker than the standard EE plan.

Essentially it is a low carbohydrates plan which I talk about in more detail in this Unofficial Slimming World SP guide.

Of course, like anything, it is all about moderation and being sensible because let’s face it if you ate high fat and high sugar but low carb foods the chances of you losing weight are limited.

So with this in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite low-carb swaps.

These are perfect for anyone on a low-carb weight loss plan or following the Slimming World SP plan.

The principle of the Slimming World SP plan is that half your plate is protein foods and the other half is speed foods.

Speed foods are many fruit and vegetables such as carrots, apples, butternut squash, mushrooms, swede, and many more.

Protein foods are predominantly meat and meat substitutes along with beans and eggs.

hard boiled eggs on Slimming World SP plan

Unofficial Slimming World SP guide to Speed foods

My favourite speed foods are butternut squash, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, swede, peppers, melon, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, broccoli, and cauliflower, just to name a few!

Check out my full list of speed foods.

My favourite High Protein foods:

As a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat and fish which of course are classed as protein foods.

I do still enjoy many protein foods such as eggs, quark, Quorn pieces, Quorn fillets, Quorn mince, beans, chickpeas, and tofu.

Check all the best sausages and both meat and vegetarian to keep you on plan though not all are suitable for the Slimming World SP plan so do check the Slimming World website.

curry loaf sliced for a slimming world lunch and great on Slimming World SP plan

My Unofficial Slimming World SP Recipes


omelette on wooden board


mixed salad with leaves and quartered tomatoes in a glass bowl.

Sausage casserole (as long as the sausages as suitable on SP).

Sausage casserole
Sausage casserole

Curry Loaf (perfect as a snack for in the fridge!).

Curry loaf sliced on a wooden board
Curry loaf

Many Soups are SP suitable check out my soup guide and if they don’t contain potato or pasta they mostly should be suitable but of course, check with Slimming World if you are unsure.

broccoli and cheese soup

Rosemary and red onion mini quiches (again great for in the fridge).

mini quiches
Mini quiches

Mediterranean Vegetables in a Balsamic Tomato Sauce (great with omelette/chicken/Quorn breast).

Mediterranean vegetables in a balsamic tomato sauce
Mediterranean vegetables in a balsamic tomato sauce

Keema Curry

Keema curry
Keema curry

Cauliflower and chicken fried rice

Chicken cauliflower rice
Chicken cauliflower rice

Barbecue Chicken.

BBQ chicken with chunks of chicken in a bbq sauce.
BBQ chicken

Mushy Pea Curry

Mushy pea curry
Mushy pea curry

Sausage tray bake or Chicken traybake as long as no potato is used.

sausage tray bake
Sausage tray bake

Meals that I make low carb with a few Adaptions

Gardeners Pie – I have made this suitable for an SP day previously by swapping the mashed potatoes for mashed Swede. Also swapping the parsnips for swede or extra carrots.

Gardeners pie served with different varieties of carrots and broccoli in a grey bowl.
Gardeners Pie

Lasagne – I have made this with butternut squash sheets before. I would say though whilst it is lovely it does change the taste completely so don’t expect it to taste like a normal Lasagne!

Mediterranean vegetable lasagne
Mediterranean vegetable lasagne served with salad

Rice – When having rice as a side dish I enjoy cauliflower rice as an alternative. If you want to give it a bit more taste then making Cauliflower pilau rice is delicious. Another option is egg-fried cauliflower rice which is also good.

Egg fried rice in a white bowl
Egg fried rice

Spaghetti can be swapped for spiralised butternut squash or courgette. Personally, I prefer butternut squash as find the courgette seems a bit slimy if you overcook it.

Butternut squash cubes
Butternut squash

Chips can be made with swede, butternut squash or carrot if you still want something similar with a meal. All are lovely though none go as crispy as potato chips do.

Homemade chips
Homemade chips

Microwaving a whole swede and then digging out the centre is a lovely mashed potato substitute. It is sometimes called a Singing Swede due to the noise it can make whilst it is cooking!

Low Carb Tips

If you are buying cauliflower rice rather than making your own check the ingredients.

Many are just cauliflower however I recently noticed the frozen one from Iceland that you microwave in individual bags includes oil and is 1.5 syns a bag!

If you worry about not being as full without carbs then don’t panic, with plenty of speed foods and high protein foods, you will be fine.

If you have a very active job or exercise a lot be careful when trying an SP day as the energy you have can be different.

You could also consider the high-protein keto diet which usually contains 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbs which is great for your active lifestyle.

Find meals you enjoy and don’t see it as a diet and restrictions or you will mentally make it harder for yourself.

Remember the Slimming World Plan is half and half of S and P foods, and no other foods (except syns and healthy extras) that will give you the best results.

Or it’s always helpful just to cut down a little on the carbs without doing a full SP day.

Smile and don’t make it a chore because if it is you will soon give up and binge on something you shouldn’t if you are anything like me!!

If you have enjoyed this post or found it helpful please do share it in Slimming World groups you are in to help others.

Check all the best sausages and both meat and vegetarian to keep you on plan.

Pinterest pin of cooked cauliflower

Many people chose to increase their protein as well as reduce carbs. This can be done by increasing the meat or meat substitutes you eat or by trying protein powders.

There are so many protein powders to try which can easily be made into drinks such as casein protein powder.

If you found this helpful please share!

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