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It’s probably fair to say that for a teenage high school student, one of the most exciting and anticipated nights of the entire school experience is prom night! For many, it is something that they think about and plans for from the moment that they start freshman year, and for that reason alone, we think that the right amount of preparation is needed to ensure that the event lives up to all of your wildest expectations! With this in mind, here is a checklist of things that you can do right now to prepare for the best prom of all time!

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Prepare for prom – buy Your outfit ASAP

Picking the perfect outfit is arguably the most important element of prom planning, and you should never leave this essential element until the last minute!

Not only do you want to give yourself time to check every possible mall and online retailer, but you also don’t want to risk having somebody else snap up the dress or suit you wanted but hadn’t decided on yet. Nothing worse than matching at prom!

Lock In Your Date!

We all know about the stress and pressure of securing a prom date, so the sooner you can lock your own partner in, the less worried you will be as the date gets closer. Don’t make the mistake of holding out and waiting for somebody to ask you. Be brave and bold and do the asking yourself!

Organise Travel

One of the biggest trends in recent prom years has been arriving in style, and this can be done easily with a popular party bus rental in NYC or why not look for one where you live? Hiring a party bus for you, your date and your friends to arrive at prom is a surefire way to steal the show and make the night one to remember.

Make Post Prom Plans

Before you know it, the official prom will be over, and the last thing you want is to be stuck without plans when people still want to party. Make sure that you and your social circle have post-prom plans in place to carry on the fun somewhere else.

Break In Your Shoes

If you have bought a new pair of shoes to go with your prom outfit, then it is absolutely essential that you break them in before the big night. Forgetting to do this can run the risk of your night ending early thanks to blisters and soreness!

Test Your Beauty Regime

If you are using new products or gadgets to help you get ready for prom, make sure you do a dry run of the entire makeup routine before the actual day arrives. This will eliminate the risk of any catastrophic problems with your prom look with only hours to go.

Book Appointments Early

If you are going to treat yourself to a salon appointment rather than doing your own hair and makeup, then make sure that you make those appointments months in advance. Depending on how big your hometown is, those slots will get filled up by your classmates earlier than you think!

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