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Starting a new school is always a difficult time for a child. If you are at the stage where you’re preparing to send your child to the nursery, it may be daunting for both of you. This is usually because your child is used to seeing you on a regular basis and being by your side.

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At this point, you may feel you need to help your child prepare for this big change. The important thing to remember is that there is no correct method of helping your child get ready for this new step in their life. Here is a guide on how to settle a reluctant child into a nursery, as advised by this nursery in Clapham.

Talk to the staff

Before your child starts nursery, it is worth going in and giving the teachers a brief on what your child is like. You can discuss the things they enjoy and any triggers they may have that could upset them. Areas that they will need more assistance in is always something you should mention to ensure your child will get the care they need. Reassurance from the nursery staff can also be a great way to relieve some of your own nerves as well.

Share positive ideas about nursery

Talk about the nursery in a positive way to your child. Remember, their first impression of it comes from you, so be sure to talk about it as something that is fun and exciting. To help them understand what it is like, you can walk past your local nursery when the children are playing outside, pointing out the happiness that a nursery can bring.

Keep smiling

No matter how difficult it may be for you to see your child cry when they reach the nursery doors, don’t let them see it. Do your best to keep a smile on your face. If they notice your distress, they will feel uneasy about the entire nursery experience.

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