All Slimming World groups and similar slimming clubs like Weight Watchers, in my experience, are the same in some ways. They may have different faces but there are some characters you will always find. Whether you have been a member a week or a year you will recognise some of these right away I am sure!

group of overweight people at a slimming club sitting on chairs facing a slimmer woman holding an apple and banana in one hand and an orange in the other talking to them.

The One in Charge

Often, but not always a woman, this slimming clubs leader is extremely outgoing to the point you almost feel the need to slap them! Always cheerful and seems to know everyone but will inevitably one day call you by the wrong name.

The craziest person in the room by far you won’t miss them. When their computer system goes wrong however they rush around like some kind of confused rabbit!

The one in charge talks to you in rhyme saying if you bite it, write it, and if you drink it, ink it and such. Though they do encourage you to follow your dreams too.

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The Helpful One

These tend to be longstanding members of the group who like to help out. They don’t get paid to be there and tend to be the ones to know all the gossip.

Whilst selling books and such to you they will also hand out tissues and commiserations when you are disappointed on the scales. These guys are usually pretty crazy too though not to the same degree as the consultant/leader.

Never ever say that to them though if they are operating the scales, because, well…you just never know!

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The Late One

There is always one, if not more than one, who turns up at the last possible minute. Rushing around hoping to get on the scales just before they are turned off.

He/she always claims that they will be more organised and on time next week but the reality is they never are!

kids jumping on sofa fighting

The One with the Kids

All slimming clubs seems to have at least one parent with a group of kids. Before long everyone in the group knows their names.

The poor parent spends most of their time producing a never-ending supply of food and toys out of her bag for them and whispering for them to be quiet.

The whole group are amazed when the parent loses weight again because she clearly has a busy life. Then again chasing around after the lively monsters probably help.

The Social One

The person who knows everyone and chats with everyone. The social butterfly sometimes almost forgets to get weighed herself because she is so busy chatting.

If you forget anyone’s name then this is the character to ask, not only will she know their name but she will probably know their partners and kids names too.

A memory that rivals that of Google is someone not to challenge if they tell you a syn value, point, or price they know it, they know everything!

The Fitness One

Only ever seen in Lycra this member will be unrecognisable at the Christmas do when they wear “normal” clothes! When you chat with this person in slimming clubs it instantly makes you feel tired because of all the workouts they do.

Surely by discussing workouts this could be considered exercise? They know all the best things to eat before exercise and will chat about different classes if you are looking for something to join.

If they are not in their fitness gear when they arrive you know they are not well and need to be concerned. This is the sort of person who exercises daily and has all their awards for exercise!

The Organised One

When you are discussing meals for the coming week this Slimming World groups member will always know what they are having and probably even have a shopping list ready.

Never will they forget their money, card or book. If you want to know which shop has Frylight on offer they probably even know this. Not to mention that if you need to borrow a pen for anything this is the person to ask!

If you asked them what they ate a week ago last Friday they would probably know. This member of the group is the best one to organise a Christmas do, they won’t forget anything!

The Lucky One

Probably at times the most hated member of the group. Luckily the lucky one changes regularly. This member is one who ate out four times this week, has a bottle of wine a night and still somehow managed to lose weight!

The lucky one at slimming clubs will always suggest that this week they have gained 7 pounds but they will lose 2 despite tagging themselves in every restaurant in town recently!

The hatred is really down to jealousy but don’t worry, everyone has a turn at being The Lucky One, it will be you soon!

The Chef One

If you have group taster sessions this member will bring something amazing. In fact, they are likely to bring more than one thing.

Whilst probably not actually a chef you really wouldn’t know this. They can tell you how to cook with any ingredient and usually have great ideas for anyone’s meal plan.

The chef will never just have a jacket potato for tea, they will always seem to have a meal you have never heard of and probably can’t even pronounce! They can make anything healthily!

The Forgetful One

The one who never remembers their book, card or even what they did yesterday. Often this member is the late one too!

When you arrange anything with them ensure they put it into their calendar and whatever you do never ever trust them to organise a Christmas do!

Do you go to a weight loss group? Which one of the above are you at your Slimming World groups?

Leave a comment below and tell me who you are, I am definitely always the social one, I chat to everyone! Do you recognise any friends at your slimming clubs?

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