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We know how tough it can be to find good student accommodations, but if you’re looking for a place to stay while you complete your studies in Bournemouth, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done some extensive research to find some of the best student accommodations in Bournemouth and have compiled them into one article for your convenience.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best places to stay in Bournemouth and we have provided all the details within this post. If you’re a student and you are looking for accommodations, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for more about where you can stay.

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The Winton Halls Accommodation

Winton Halls are situated a short walk from the Talbot Campus in Bournemouth and provide a choice of en-suite rooms and studios. They are close to all Winton High Street facilities, and the town centre is just a quick bus ride or a cycle away. This specific accommodation is perfect for students who want a more calm and relaxed living experience.

Winton Halls is far closer to Talbot Campus than the Artisan accommodations (which we’ll get to shortly), and it even has its own local high street that is packed to the brim with shops, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Though it certainly does offer wonderful facilities and accommodation for students in the Bournemouth area, if you are on the hunt for more affordable accommodation options, we’re certain that you will appreciate the competitive prices of this living block. When you consider that insurance and bills are included, it does become the superior alternative to shared houses.

One of the most important features to note about the Winton Halls is that all of its rooms are en-suite, so, unlike a shared house, you won’t have to wait in line to use the bathroom or deal with finding other students’ hair in the drain. Yuck! We see the en-suite bathroom as a massive plus to this accommodation.

The Artisan Accommodation

On the other hand, The Artisan accommodation consists of quality studios located in central Bournemouth, near the town’s centre, beach, and Lansdowne campus. They benefit from having fantastic cycle and bus links to Talbot campus and are also super affordable. If you are someone who enjoys having fun just as much as relaxing, you’re going to love the Artisan accommodations.

The Artisan is located quite near to the shops, train station, beach, and many famous Bournemouth nightlife locations. What’s more, the official student nightclub and union bar, The Old Firestation, is just down the road, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to visit there and socialise with your fellow students – something that is super important when you’re studying at university. This venue is just a short walk away for any student that is studying at the Lansdowne Campus, and there are often bus connections to the Talbot Campus if you need to get there and back.

ASN Capital’s student accommodation blocks in Bournemouth are managed and owned by ASN Capital, a local business that has been around for over 40 years, so you don’t have to worry about being kicked out of your accommodation unexpectedly.

Different Rooms for Different Needs

Both the Winton Halls and Artisan accommodation blocks have a wide variety of accommodation choices that can fit several people in them, from single to even small families if need be. That’s the great thing about these fine accommodations.

Winton Halls

Winton Halls features compact en-suites, en-suites, en-suites plus, superior en-suites, studios, studios plus, superior studios, and premium studios. You’ll be able to choose between private accommodation or shared flats, allowing you to find the perfect place to stay for your lifestyle preferences.

The Artisan

The Artisan block boasts single studios, single studios plus, double studios and double studios plus, superior double studios, premium double studios, and premium double suites. All of these options provide you with a kitchen, comfortable bed, study room, and en-suite facilities.

Which Should You Choose?

Both the Winton Halls and The Artisan are fantastic accommodations for different reasons. If you are not very interested in nightlife and attending parties, then you might find that the Winton Halls will be better suited to you. They are in a quiet part of town that doesn’t have many bars or pubs nearby, and the neighbourhood is super calm.

However, if you enjoy partying and pub crawling (which you should only be doing when you don’t have to be studying!), then you’ll enjoy the Artisan accommodation. Like we mentioned earlier, it is located in the middle of some of Bournemouth’s nightlife hotspots.

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