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Stuart recently had to buy a new car as his was written off when he stopped at a roundabout but the driver behind him didn’t. He was ok but unfortunately his car wasn’t.

The process of buying a new car was not easy. Unfortunately the first car he bought, from a well-known dealer, had to be returned. Luckily he got a full refund but of course it was not without costs to him through the insurance changes etc.

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Through this process I thought I would share with you some top tips we had to consider, including some we learnt and had not thought of previously.

Check the details

Check the car details before you buy. This is not simply checking the car details with the dealer but pop online and check with the DVLA too. The one Stuart ended up returning was sold to him as one variation of a model when it turned out in fact it was a lower one.

Check the insurance

Check the insurance costs. If you need insurance on a temporary basis then choose an insurer that specialises in this. If you need long term insurance then check comparison and cashback sites too for the best deals.

Do you need to pay for tax?

Look at the tax costs of the vehicle. Some you may be pleasantly surprised to find have free tax that just needs registering.

Have you inspected it?

Inspect the vehicle inside and out. It is sold as seen and if you discover scratches on it later then you usually don’t have a leg to stand on so to speak.

You can still negotiate costs

Try to negotiate a discount or discounted extras. Whilst you may not be able to negotiate a discount on the cost of the car they may discount the extra warranty which could be worth it.

Safety for children

Check any car seats you need fit comfortably. It may seem like common sense but if you are preparing for parenthood and have three child’s seats they may not comfortably fit in the back seat of some cars.

Boot space

Check the boot space for any wheelchairs, pushchairs or bikes you may often transport. Before you sell your old car make sure to measure it to help with this.

Is your drive suitable?

If you have a short drive then silly as it sounds check the length of the car. We have had a few courtesy cars which don’t fit properly on our drive so have made us think carefully when choosing new cars.


Check when the last MOT was done. It is easy to check online so you can be sure that it not only passed the last MOT but the information you are being given regarding any advisories etc is correct.

Is the car complete?

Ensure the car has any SD cards etc with it as per the description. Some Sat Nav systems need a SD card to operate. If you need one ensure you get it on the day of purchase or something in writing about when you will receive it.

All of these hints and tips should help you to not end up, like we did, returning a car and having the hassle and costs of changing the insurances again! Are you able to sell your old car for scrap at all? This could help fund the new car you want.

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