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The world is getting smaller with each passing year, and that means it’s becoming more and more possible to head overseas and enjoy a whole different kind of life, for a short while at least. While many people have jetted off to Spain, Italy, and other top European destinations, not quite as many have ventured out of Europe. Thanks to affordable flights and an increasingly warm welcome for international visitors, it’s never been a better time to get exploring other regions of the globe, especially Asia. But of course, if you’re going to head out of Europe, you’ll need to do a bit more preparation Below, we take a look at some tried and tested tips for getting the most out of a trip to another continent.

The Taj Mahal in India


Do Your Research

First thing’s first: do your research! It’s a big old world out there, and the more you know about your chosen destination, the easier everything will be. It’s not enough just to plan to visit, say, China, or India — these are huge countries, with a million different types of journey possible. As such, it’s best to narrow down your plan by theme. Do you want to see the cities, the historical parts, the nature, or something else? You’ll be able to get much more out of your trip if you’ve got as much information as possible. There’s little value in travelling all that way and just hoping to play everything by ear. You can do that in Europe — not the other side of the world.

What to Pack

What’s in the bag? If there’s one thing that can put a dampener — literally — on your trip, it’s turning up without the correct clothing. When you’re planning your trip, you’ll want to figure out when each season begins and ends. They won’t necessarily be the same as in the UK; indeed, it’s more likely that they’re different. It’s important that you don’t just look at the season, and think you’ve got it all figured out. Summer could be characterised by heavy rain showers, for instance. In any case, generally the best course of action is to pack clothing for all temperatures and weather, even if it’s just, for example, one jumper to beat the chill away.

Different Cultures

A huge reason why you’re travelling is to see how other people live, their customs, their foods, their everything, essentially. And since you’re visiting their home, you’ll want to show your respect. But here’s the thing — even with all the will in the world, you can sometimes end up committing a social faux pas. Some people do things very differently from how we do them in the UK! To reduce your chances of inadvertently insulting other people, Travelbag has created this handy guide on travel etiquette. You may be surprised at how people in other parts of the world act, but you’ll be glad that you knew it about it before making the trip.

The Low Moments

It’s not all going to be a bag of rainbows when you’re so far away from home. There’ll be times when you don’t know where you’re going, when you’re tired and hungry, when it seems like maybe you’ve made a mistake in taking such a huge trip. But don’t let these thoughts take hold! There’s nothing that a good night’s sleep and a positive attitude can’t fix. Ride out these less than enjoyable times — they’re only going to take up a small percentage of the trip. Of course, the best way to prevent these issues from compromising your enjoyment is not to let them materialise in the first place. If you know where you’re sleeping each night, aren’t trying to cram too much into a short trip, and understand that not everything will be perfect, you’ll be on the right track.

Make the Most Of It

Finally, make sure you’re going into the adventure with, well, an adventurous attitude. There’s not going to be too many times in your life when you find yourself in a foreign land for the first time. While you could choose to take the cautious approach, it’s best not to be intimidated. Throw yourself into all that the destination has to offer, and have a good time.


Europe is good, there’s no doubt about it — but it’s but one region of the world. Get your explorer’s hat on, and go see how other people live. You’ll return home with a new appreciation for the complexity and beauty of the world and the people in it, as well as for your home town, too.

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