I am a big fan of batch cooking and when the team at Judge offered to send me their Vista Stockpot to try out and share with you I was so excited. My previous stockpot I have had for years and frankly, it has seen better days.

It was a cheap one that did not hold it’s correct shape well with use so doesn’t cook properly, or even stand up properly for that matter!

Box for the Judge vista stockpot

How big is the Judge Vista stockpot?

The stockpot is a 24cm pot which is a perfect size for most hobs. It holds 4.5 litres or 8 pints. I was impressed that it has internal capacity guides so you can see how much you are making.

I am the queen of “just add a bit more it doesn’t look much” then ending up with enough to feed an army! This, in theory, should prevent that if it starts approaching the 6-pint mark for example I should realise that this is lots and stop adding more ingredients!

measuring gauge on inside

What can you cook in the stockpot?

The name implies it is just for stock but to be honest you can cook whatever you fancy in it! I remember when I was at university using stockpots to cook huge bags of pasta for our flat and all our friends after drunken nights out! This one holds lots so would be perfect for this!

stockpot full of a cooking paella

Since I got this Judge Vista stockpot however I have used it for Meat paella, soup, and homemade gravy! All cooked well in the stockpot for a great way of batch cooking.

I should add, however, if you are cooking something like paella, don’t forget about it as due to the amazing depth of the pan it will stick like glue and if you don’t stir properly you won’t realise!

Luckily being stainless steel if you, like me, are daft enough to do this, it is easy to clean!

onions in front of the stockpot

It was perfect for my homemade gravy. The recipe is here but essentially the gravy I make involves frying garlic and onions then adding stock and boiling well.

All easy to make in the vista stockpot and made even better with the capacity gauge as you can easily see how much you are making.

No one needs 8 pints of gravy, do they? Well actually you do if like me you make a big batch and freeze some ready for next Sunday’s dinner!

New Judge vista stockpot

What did I think to the Judge Vista stockpot?

I was very impressed by the quality of the stockpot, the lid particularly is very robust given I accidentally knocked it off my pan rack which is quite high onto the hard floor and it survived!

I am not recommending of course that you do this but would say that it shows the quality we are talking about here.

The stockpot is suitable for all hob types however I only have an electric hob so can only give you my true opinion based on that. We found it perfect for our needs.

Judge products all have a 25-year guarantee which I think is a testament to their quality. No one would promise that if it couldn’t last that long would they? If my accident with the lid is anything to go by I don’t think we will need the guarantee!

pan steamed up with red onions cooking inside

Would I recommend this for batch cooking?

I am always a keep advocate for batch cooking because not only does it save time but it usually saves money too!

This Judge Vista Stockpot is great for batch cooking due to its large capacity and ease of use. I would definitely say it is essential in your kitchen if you want to regularly batch cook and know you have a good quality product too.

The cool handles make it perfect for batch cooking as it is so easy to forget what is hot and burn yourself, with this you won’t risk that!

lid for Judge vista stockpot

Where to buy the Judge Vista Stockpot

The Judge Vista Stockpot is available directly on the Horwood website for £36 at the moment as they have an amazing sale on it!

It is also available elsewhere but to be honest this is the best value at the moment and I always prefer to buy from brands directly where I can rather than give a portion to Amazon etc.

red Judge logo
Pinterest pin of Judge Vista stockpot

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