Do you love chocolate as much as I do? If I could live off chocolate and not gain weight I really would. I love to try new things so when I was approached to try and review Knoppers nutbars which are low calorie/low syn snacks, I was excited.

It is a dream job really being asked (and paid!) to review chocolate!! So obviously I forced myself to try them and I will share with you what I thought, but I won’t be sharing my samples!

Knoppers - A New Yummy Chocolatey Snack!

So, what is it? It is hard to describe it in any other way than saying it is amazing! It is a bar that contains layers of wafer, creamy hazelnut filling and chocolate!

It is big enough to enjoy but not so filling that you can’t eat it all! Who leaves chocolate anyway? Do these people really exist?

The milk hazelnut wafer bars are new to the UK but have been available for a while across Europe so you may have seen them before.

They are a huge hit in Europe which is why the brand is bringing them to the UK. After tasting them I can see why! The name is pronounced with the K which took some getting used to!

Knoppers - A New Yummy Chocolatey Snack!

I love the fact that these bars are much lower in calories than many other snacks. It is only 7 syns on Slimming World so it’s great for enjoying with a cuppa mid-morning, whilst watching TV in the evening, or anytime really!

The only problem I can see with them is that Ben loved them too. They are great for kids to have as an after-school snack without being too filling that they will not be hungry for tea but on the negative side, this means you can’t keep them all for yourself! Ben made his own slogan and keeps saying “I’m hungry for a Knoppers!”

Knoppers and mug on a desk

If you like chocolate wafer-type snacks and want something to give you that chocolate fix between meals then this is definitely one to consider!

Many chocolate bars are around 12 syns and this is just too much for me sometimes to justify but for 7 syns I love this because I can actually have two!

If you have any allergies or want to look in more detail at the nutritional information visit the Knoppers website! You can also have a sneak peek at the advert there!

They are made by the same company that makes Riesen bars, Werther’s Originals, and Toffifee so you know you are getting a great product! Thinking about that has made me hungry for more chocolate!

Knoppers - A New Yummy Chocolatey Snack!

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  1. Laura Feasey says:

    Oooh they look delicioso! I'm always looking for low calorie sweet snacks to eat on a fast day (I do the 5:2), so I'll definitely watch out for these! 🙂

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