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As the emergence of new COVID cases continues, a number of healthy individuals are forced to stay at home. A frequent term we use for this situation is self-quarantining. For fitness freaks, staying at home and stay physically active for prolonged periods of time is not at all an easy task.

Self-quarantine can pose a significant challenge for you when it comes to remaining physically active. Not only this but it can also cause additional stress while challenging your mental health

In this post, you will find tried and tested tips to motivate yourself to stay physically active. Not only this but you will also feel mentally sharp and emotionally connected during this self-quarantine phase.

Exercise and Equipment

Focus on Your Weaknesses

As a general rule, it is important to have an intention before you start a workout routine or program. This exclusively pinpoints what you’re not good at. Therefore, it is easy to detect what you are trying to improve. 

Below we have summarized a few abilities you should focus on. Have a look and analyze which ones you excel at, which ones fall on the moderate side, and which ones you completely lack. It is not just a tip, but rather a tool to have a specific intent with your PA.

  • Aerobic Capacity and Endurance: The ability of your heart as well as lungs to get oxygen to your muscles.
  • Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability: Flexibility is defined as the capacity of moving through your full active as well as passive motion range. Mobility is the ability to move your joints and muscles in an active manner. It happens through their range of motion (ROM). Stability is the ability to maintain position and movement control of your joints. 
  • Strength and Core Strength: In simple words, it is the amount of force a muscle can produce to overcome a resistance. Now this resistance can arise due to external objects or your own body weight. When you improve your core strength, you improve motion.
  • Balance and Coordination: Balance is defined as the ability to stay in control of body movements. On the other hand, coordination is the ability to move two or more body parts with complete control.

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Set Daily and Weekly Goals

Have you heard the phrase? “You can never improve what you don’t measure.” 

To keep yourself motivated and on track, setting daily and weekly goals is the key. Doing so will also make you aware of your improvement. Don’t set yourself up for failure though; it is highly suggested to ensure your goals are SMART.

By SMART goals, we mean;

  • Specific: “20 minutes of PA daily” or “30 reps of squats per day.”
  • Measurable: Using your phone’s stopwatch to measure 10’ or counting each rep.
  • Achievable: Start very small. If you have been completely sedentary for a while, start with 5 min a day. Then gradually move to 10 min and increase further.
  • Relevant: Your selected exercises must be meaningful. More importantly, relevant to your current life. In the case of self-quarantine, preventing being affected by coronavirus is the most relevant.
  • Time: It is crucial to have a time frame for each goal. Daily and weekly goals are the best to give you a time frame. For example, you need to complete X amount of reps daily and X amount of reps weekly.

Create a Home Workout Area

If you have some space available to stay physically active at your quarantine location, start by designating an inviting area for exercise. It will also keep your equipment handy. You can try using water bottles, resistance bands, or your own body weight. It will greatly help to perform resistance exercises. 

You can simply start by doing push-ups against the wall. Later on, progress to doing them against the kitchen counter. Then the coffee table, and finally right on the floor. You can also designate your stairs for climbing. It is an efficient strength-training activity. 

In short, a designated area for fitness will better motivate you to stay active. 

Prepare Your Favourite Work Out List

Now that you have set your fitness area, it’s time to write down your favourite physical activities. You can do this by streaming fitness shows or listening to podcasts. 

Adding some great music while working out in a hotel room or at home. You can also try activity video games or “exergames” that simulate skateboarding, soccer, bowling, dancing, or even tennis. This is one of the great alternatives if you’re unable to participate in the real thing due to self-quarantine.

Workout at the Best Time 

If you are someone who maintains a long-term exercise program, working out in the morning will be the best option. When you stay physically active and complete your fitness routine in the morning, the energy and motivation you get for the rest of the day are magical. 

On the other hand, many find it helpful to take a break from their remote work and get moving in the afternoon. Usually, at this time, their energy is flagging. In such a case, all you need is a burst of activity that can stimulate the brain. 

It will also help you push through the rest of the tasks waiting for long on your to-do list. Such as buying red drinking glasses wholesale online for an after-quarantine party!

Want to exercise without effort?

If you want an easy way to exercise here are some easy tips to help you burn calories without really noticing you are doing it! Perfect for anyone who feels they don’t have time to exercise!


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Try Something Brand New

Always wanted to try something unique? Like line dancing, cardio funk, barre exercise? Or even HIIT (high-intensity interval training)? For better motivation, you can find a free video online. You can also subscribe to one of the countless online classes available, or download an app. It will significantly guide you through home workouts.

A number of people accept the fact that they feel comfortable trying something new when no one is watching them. If this is your case, you just might find your new passion! 

Don’t feel intimidated to try something new. Try yoga, Pilates, or anything you wish. You can even refine your online search to be more specific to your needs. For example searching for ‘basic Pilates for beginners’, ‘yoga for over 50’, ‘golf-specific exercises’, etc.

Follow an Online Exercise Class

When you feel completely unmotivated, simply jump on the internet and take advantage of the online exercise classes pool. Many of these are free. You can easily find them on YouTube. If you lack any experience performing these online taught exercises, it is suggested to be cautious. You should be aware of your own limitations.


During this difficult time when we all need to keep our physical distance, it’s critical to remember that we can/should stay physically active and emotionally connected. If you are living alone, try calling or video chatting with your close ones.

When circumstances make it difficult to stay motivated to stay physically active and enjoy your favourite physical activities, feeling frustrated is normal. Don’t beat yourself up, instead, keep experimenting with new workouts. Continue until you find something that you really enjoy. Remember, you are not alone in this.

Do you need some help to start exercising?

Sometimes those first steps are all you need to get moving and exercise as a new habit. These tips and tricks will get you moving and you will soon forget you didn’t like exercise!


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