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Commonly used over dining tables or in large hallways, pendant lighting has a lot to offer your home, but you may not know all the reasons why. Pendant lighting can add a great atmosphere to any party, dinner night or social gatherings making every occasion a special one.

Pendant lighting in a kitchen
Pendant lighting in a kitchen

Appropriate length

There is so much freedom to be had with pendant lighting, but it always helps to have some guidance on matters of measurements and length. So, a few words of advice… the hanging point over dining areas should be between 28-32 inches between the dining table and the end of the pendant. For kitchen islands however, you’re likely to need at least 30 inches space between.

Mood enhancing 

The brilliance with pendant lighting is even in the largest, most open room you can still find a cosy atmosphere. The subtle effects of a dimmer can enhance a cosy night in or create a calming mood for a Saturday night film with the family. 


Knowing the number of pendants, you will need depends entirely on the size of the room. The layout should also be considered depending on what the function of the room is. When planning your lighting design, give your room a focal point and be sure to bring those darker corners to light if you find your room has a lot of nooks and crannies.

Emphasise you favourite features

It can also be amazing for bringing out your favourite features of your room. Think about the purpose of the room. If it is pendants for the kitchen the best location is usually over the centre island or the dinner table but if it’s a large open living room, you may want to dot the pendants around.

How will you brighten up your space?

There are a fabulous range of vintage pendant lights out there but making sure you select one which suits your rooms style and purpose. You can also add other functions or types of bulbs such as vintage filament lights to make you pendant lighting do more.

Let vintage pendant lighting help you create the perfect social atmosphere for all occasions.

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