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Many people want to live in a bright sunny country with a pleasant climate, sparkling coasts and a variety of opportunities. Especially, when the comfortable location is supplemented by leading positions in education, medicine, quality of life, low prices and great wages.

Today we are talking about Spain. Life in this country has its own flavour. Here are the original delicious cuisine, interesting traditions and unique culture. Besides, purchasing flats by the sea in Spain is not as difficult as you might think at first glance. To do this you just need to have a certain amount of resources and a clear purpose.


Compelling features of life in Spain

Spain is not the only European country with access to the sea, and certainly not the richest in Europe. But the success of the real estate market and demand for properties by the sea is obvious. So, why does Spain boast of huge popularity among foreign investors and potential residents?

  • Spain has well established itself as one of Europe`s economic powers.  Spain has generated increased investment since 2015 and has become one of the most attractive investment options in the region.
  • Favourable climate, well-maintained seashores, clean Mediterranean air, access to sunshine and healthy tasty food almost all year round.
  • Many attractions and unique architectural structures. The general atmosphere of celebration and fun, includes bars, nightclubs, dances, fairs, festivals, and all kinds of cultural and sporting events.
  • Low cost of living compared to many other EU countries. And it applies to both rental housing and to food. In particular, fruits and vegetables are offered at very reasonable prices.
  • Developed infrastructure and public transport system.
  • Friendly and cheerful people. Most of them have the desire to help in any situation. It is almost impossible to hear somebody being rude or witness offensive behaviour.
  • High level of education and medicine. Students from all over the world enter internationally renowned educational establishments to get high-quality European education.
  • The possibility of visa-free travel to other European countries for all holders of a Spanish residence permit.

Real estate for sale in Spain

There are two possible ways of conducting full life in Spain – either to obtain a residence permit or official citizenship. If the last option requires some time, to get a residence permit a foreigner can buy real estate for more than €500,000.

The Spanish kingdom introduces highly loyal politics to those foreigners who decide to invest in the sphere of real estate. They are offered a diverse collection of outstanding properties from cosy apartments to spacious villas.

Each type of real estate has its characteristics and availability of amenities. For example, if it is an apartment, it usually comes with an underground garage or parking lot, a garden area and so on. Villa by itself implies having its own park area near the house. So, the abundance of choice makes it possible to select the housing unit for your needs and money.

Reasons to choose real estate in Spain

Talking about the purpose of buying, may have subjective grounds and differ depending on the buyer`s intentions. However, the reasons to conclude the deal are quite vivid. Here are 5 of the most convincing arguments for why Spanish property is a rational decision.

  1. Real estate in Spain is one of the cheapest in Europe.
  2. Real estate in Spain has almost the highest rental yields in Europe.
  3. The experts predict the growth of real estate prices provoked by an increase in foreign demand.
  4. The growth of tourism and an immense number of ex-pats with the desire to relocate is obvious now and foreseen in future.
  5. Higher availability of real estate transactions supported by the government. The availability of real estate deals is increasing.

Source of selecting real estate in Spain

Spain`s thriving economy, top infrastructure, and prime real estate market make investing in Spain an attractive option. To top it off, Spain`s Golden Visa Program welcomes investors to invest in the country, and in turn, obtain legal residency in Spain.

Spain-Real.Estate provides profitable housing options in stylish residential complexes. Versatile designs, advanced amenities and comfortable locations are combined to give the chance to find the apartment of a buyer’s dreams. You can open the website and monitor the actual prices, detailed descriptions, and high-quality pictures.

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