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STEM subjects are the academic subjects that involve Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They are very important subjects that can help prepare your child for dealing with a modern and technological world.

Most schools will have STEM-based subjects in their curriculum, but you can also get your children to explore STEM subjects at home. With the help of a Prep school in Hertfordshire, here are some of the ways that you can engage with STEM subjects with your child.  

Science and School

Inspire Curiosity 

Your children will be naturally curious about the things unknown to them in life. You will want to encourage an environment that fuels that curiosity, particularly when it comes to how things work. Answer any questions that they may have about the world around them, and if you don’t know the answer yourself, look it up with them. Showing your own curiosity, as well as technology can be used as tools to learn will inspire them to look deeper into subjects, both STEM based and beyond.  

Let Them Play 

From playing board games, to playing with different toys, playtime is a very informal way that kids can engage with STEM subjects. Be it adding up their moves when they roll a pair of dice, seeing how different objects react to water, or using building blocks, there are many toys and games out there that are very educational towards STEM-based subjects. 

Get Outdoors 

Going outside to play, or to take walks amongst nature is a great way for your child to see how science works in the natural world. Being outside engages all of your child’s senses, and the more their senses are engaged the more eager they will be to learn. 


Having your children act as your sous chef can help them engage with a number of STEM-based skills, particular Maths. Let them measure out ingredients and work out timings for certain things, letting them see how Maths can be used in a practical capacity. Cooking is also science in action, with chemical reactions being responsible for creating their favourite foods. Cooking brings so many STEM-based elements to life in a fun and delicious way. 

Highlight Technology 

With how much technology we all have in our homes, it is easy to take the wonder of modern tech for granted. Bring the capabilities of technology to your children’s attention, showing them how amazing it is that we have all these wireless devices, and how they can be useful as tools for learning.

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