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Anyone in the world can suffer from a urinary tract infection, but women are unfortunately more susceptible to the uncomfortable issue. In fact, 1 in 2 women may experience UTI symptoms at some point in their lives.

But what are these UTI symptoms? How do you know when you have a UTI and what can you do about the discomfort? Here is everything you might need to know.

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What Are The Symptoms?

It is firstly important that you are aware that UTIs don’t always result in clear symptoms. You could have some UTI symptoms and never feel any pain or discomfort.

However, when symptoms do arise, they usually involve persistent and frequent urination and the constant feeling of the need to do so, even directly after visiting the restroom. 

Your urine might develop a strong smell or strange appearance – often changing to a darker colour, appearing cloudy or murky and in some cases, containing blood. 

A UTI is often painful as well, causing both pelvic pains and potentially a burning sensation when urinating. In these cases, it’s always important to seek out UTI pain relief to relieve the discomfort. 

What Should You Do About It?

Typically, antibiotics will be prescribed by a doctor to combat a UTI. However, in minor cases, the body is often able to fight off the infection on its own, and up to 42% of uncomplicated cases will resolve themselves within a week or two.

In these cases, it’s still important to give your body a fighting chance by taking care of yourself. 

Staying hydrated and urinating whenever the need arises is an important part of flushing bacteria from your system. Be sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine and rather stick to water, with a little unsweetened cranberry juice if you’d like. There is no definitive research to prove it, but many people have claimed the benefits of cranberry juice for UTI treatment and prevention. 

Supplementing with probiotics and daily vitamins is another great way to boost your body by giving it more of what it needs. Probiotics will boost the healthy bacteria in your body and your daily vitamins will help you to fight off infections.

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How Can You Prevent It?

While an uncomplicated UTI doesn’t pose any real threat, it’s still a very uncomfortable experience that anyone would want to avoid. 

Practising good sexual hygiene plays a major role in UTI prevention – using barrier protection like condoms, urinating immediately after sex and keeping your genitals clean are all healthy and helpful habits.

Hydration is another important habit in UTI prevention, as well as in general health. Keep in mind that the foods and liquids you put in your body will always have an effect on how you feel.

Finally, it’s a good idea to be aware of the hygiene products you use – particularly feminine hygiene products. It’s always best to opt for non-irritating, unscented products for sensitive areas to prevent any adverse reactions and infections.

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