This article includes a selection of shoes for the family I chose using a voucher I received from Adidas in return for sharing with you our choices.

When Adidas contacted me to work with them I was so excited, my first thought was “I need new trainers!”. I say trainers, I love the casual style that isn’t designed for running or sports and more to wear with jeans. What do you wear? Ben loves the fashionable stylish latest trainers, and Stuart likes a bit of an in-between. He is very much one for comfort over cost and looks firstly for how a pair looks then at cost afterwards. Read on to see what we each chose!

Why choose Adidas?

I love Adidas shoes for the family but everyone is different, I am not going to try and convince you that they are better than any other brand, the choice is yours. To me though they are comfy, last well and have a massive variety in styles!

If you are looking to place one order and find something everyone likes then I would definitely say Adidas is worth a look. We found something for each of us and all for reasonable prices too.

Adidas and Ben’s choices

Ben is a big Adidas fan, to be fair he is a big sports fan and collects football shirts from pretty much every team he can (expensive hobby!) and just about lives in Adidas tracksuit bottoms!

He has a very specific style and knows what he likes, he loves camouflage, he loves lime green and he loves anything expensive!

teenage boy wearing an aston villa football shirt, adidas tracksuit bottoms and adidas ultraboost trainers

Ben has some issues with his feet so I always buy him quite supportive trainers if possible with a relatively supportive ankle. To be fair these are the styles he prefers anyway so that’s good.

Red and white adidas trainers

Ben chose Adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA and was very impressed when they arrived as they were just what he had imagined and apparently “the comfiest shoes he has ever worn”!

adidas ultraboost trainers

My choices from Adidas

I love to wear the kind of trainers that are more for wearing with jeans than for fitness. My favourite colour is teal so I was very impressed to find Adidas had my favourite colour and style in a pair of shoes!

teal blue adidas racing shoes originals

I love this kind of trainers as they are perfect with jeans or leggings, and 99% of the time I am wearing one or the other! These are called Racing 1 shoes originals and available also in red which I was very tempted by and were most definitely my second choice.

teal blue adidas trainers on artificial grass

I tend to wear colourful socks most days so do love that these show off my colourful socks too! I know some people would wear trainer liners but I like to be different!

I love a bag and have a few more than I probably need, but I did actually need a new one so I decided to treat myself! One that holds the very basics of my phone, a bank card or small purse, my inhaler and keys. A perfect addition to our order of shoes for the family!

adidas bag

I was sick of always taking a bigger bag out when I just needed a couple of essentials, not everything I usually seem to carry around such as Ben’s Epipens, lipstick, mascara, my business cards, body spray, receipts etc! This is the Trefoil Festival Bag and absolutely perfect for this!

Stuart and his style

Stuart likes light-coloured trainers and tends to buy ones he likes without thinking too much about the style, or what he would wear them with. He is also a big football fan so he was keen to try out the personalisation options Adidas offers.

close up of personalised adidas shoes with The Stags on for Mansfield Town trainers

The local football team, Mansfield Town, has been Stuarts team since he was a young boy so he quite fancied the idea of having their nickname, The Stags, on shoes he already liked the look of.

red and white adidas shoes

This pair is the Adidas Run 60s 2.0 shoes which offer personalisation on each shoe for a little extra cost of £5 per shoe.

We split the voucher between the three of us and as Stuart had chosen the shoes above and had some money left he chose the following second pair of shoes!

Blue white and red adidas shoes

These are of quite a retro style and much thinner in materials so lightweight and I guess more plasticky which is why I would describe them as quite retro. They have the same Adidas quality and can also be personalised, though Stuart chose not to get these ones personalised too!

The name of these shoes are Adidas SL7200 and they are available in a variety of colour combinations and are currently on sale!

Our thoughts of the Adidas order

The shoes for the family order came all in one large box in immaculate condition. I was surprised, given that one pair had personalisation, how quickly they arrived as the website did say they could take a little longer than they did. We ordered on the Tuesday 6th of July and they arrived on Monday 12th!

The personalisation looks really good and definitely is worth the extra if it is something that would interest you.

Check my reel on Instagram sharing the shoes too!

boys legs with tracksuit bottoms and trainers from adidas

What are your favourites?

Do you love the style of shoes I have that go so well with jeans or are you more interested in sportier pairs like Ben’s? Would you have personalised shoes like Stuart chose? What shoes for the family would you choose?

Check out the Adidas men’s shoes and the Adidas women’s shoes, do you have any favourites? What would you have personalised on yours?

Let me know in the comments below!

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