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Trying to dress well while losing weight isn’t always easy. It can be frustrating that here you are trying to get in shape to look your best, and none of your clothes fit well or looks flattering. Luckily, we have a few tips that will help to keep you looking fashionable, even when you’re losing weight.

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Tailor Your Outfits

If you can locate a good tailor in your neighbourhood, you’ll have it made while you’re losing weight. Having your clothes altered is much less expensive than buying a whole new wardrobe, plus you get to keep all of your favourite outfits. Another bonus of using a tailor is that they are able to adjust your clothes to fit you perfectly, meaning you’ll look good no matter what size you are.

Get Something Stretchy

Having several items in your wardrobe that can stretch to fit your current size is a great idea. Stretchy fabrics help ensure that you are comfortable all day, while still looking fashionable. One of the latest fashion trends, athleisure, allows you to wear workout-style clothing just about anywhere. Take advantage of this style when losing weight. There are many fabrics with stretch to them, including knit and jersey materials.

Wear Dresses

Wearing dresses is beneficial when you’re losing weight. They come in a variety of styles, colours, and prints so that you can pick one that fits you even when shedding pounds. Opt for a wrap dress that you can tighten as you lose weight. Dresses create a flowing look that can be flattering to any body shape. Most jobs allow for wearing dresses and they can be very comfortable, even on your longest day. Also, it’s easy to change out of your dress and into your workout clothes when you get to the gym.

Stick With the Basics

Don’t try to draw attention to yourself by wearing anything too flashy or extravagant. Keep some fashionable yet basic clothing items in your closet. This means having items like jeans, skirts, and dress pants that you can easily change up to create a new look. Sweaters can also be an asset to your wardrobe when you’re trying to lose weight because they can be slightly baggy without looking sloppy or messy. Choose one with a large knit or chunky yarn to help hide any unappealing lumps or bumps. A cute blazer is also a good go-to when losing weight.


No matter what your size or weight might be, accessorizing is always a good idea. Using accessories to draw attention to your best features will give you confidence at home and at work. Wear hoop earrings to draw attention to your face, or carry a stylish handbag to create a conversation piece and give people something to focus on besides your slightly baggy pants.

You want to look your best every day, so try using a styling service. This type of service provides you with flattering, stylish clothes that feel like they were made just for you.

5 Tips for Dressing Well While Losing Weight

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