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Staying UV-safe is an all-year-round thing you should do. Yes, it’s autumn in the northern hemisphere. But it’s nearly summer in the south. And UV rays can be intense when it’s cold.

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Keep to the Shade

Most obviously, you can just stay in the shade. This is somewhat effective if you are enjoying yourself. But it can be tricky, and you may need to get some outdoor work done. Parasols are excellent for this, but they’re janky and a pain to keep still. If you have a large outdoor space, such as a pergola, patio or decking, outdoor shade blinds can be attached to your property. These are excellent for shading off large sections at a time as the sun moves in the sky,

Don a Pair of Specs

The sun’s UV rays can be more harmful to some parts of your body than others. And your eyes are one of them. So you need eye protection when driving, working or just sitting in the sun. Remember, it doesn’t have to be an intensely sunny day for UV to be strong. And UV rays can penetrate through the clouds. So even in autumn and winter, you should wear shades when sitting out for extended periods. Fortunately, you can get UV shades pretty cheap online.

Use Creams when Staying UV Safe

UV rays are the main cause of skin cancer. Yet almost 60% of people don’t use any when sitting in the sun. This is insane when you consider that sunscreen can reduce the chance of UV radiation burns and skin problems by up to 40%. If your skin is exposed, apply SPF 50, at the least, to any skin. This includes your hands, feet and face. Additionally, if you have moles or freckles, you are at a greater risk of developing melanoma. So apply the cream liberally.

Limit Your Exposure

Of course, to stay uv-safe and avoid issues that come with the sun, you could just stay out of it. Limiting your exposure to the sun will greatly reduce the chances of any adverse effects.

This includes sunbathing for no more than ten minutes at a time, which is plenty. If you need to work outdoors, try to orient yourself, so you’re out of direct sunlight for as much as possible. And if you’re sitting out to enjoy the sun, sit in a shaded area. It will still be warm enough to enjoy the rays.

Protect Your Head

Being the highest point of your body, your head is exposed to the sun more than anything else. But, of course, that’s where your brain is. Your brain needs protection. Heat isn’t good for the brain, And coupled with dehydration, it could be disastrous. Intense UV rays can cause your brain to release a hormone called corticosterone, which is a stress hormone. With prolonged exposure, you can experience memory loss and impaired functions similar to being drunk.


There are a few things you can try when staying UV-safe at any time of year. Try staying in the shade, applying sunscreen liberally, and protecting your brain from harmful UV rays with a hat.

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