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When you’re throwing a big birthday bash, it is inevitable that you want to get it right for the person whose big day it is. There are many considerations to make, but please do not think that you have to spend lots of money or time on this. You can make it much simpler than it will appear to everyone else.

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Find the right venue

For every party, you need the right venue. Whether you host yourself in your home if you have a sizeable property or hire somewhere to ensure everyone’s needs are met, you need to think far enough in advance to make sure everything is as good as it can be.

Organise the right entertainment

Every party needs some form of entertainment. For most, a DJ to play a good mix of tunes will suffice. However, it really does depend on the birthday boy or girl and what their interests are.

Karaoke is another firm favourite. For adults who are kids at heart, why not hire a bounce house? Ultimately, do what you know the recipient will like.

Choose the right presents

Throwing a birthday bash is a gift in itself, but if you are looking to purchase something else, most likely for the person to unwrap, you should buy something personal to them. Whether you go for a 21st Birthday Hamper, a bottle of wine or some expensive jewellery you know them best, buy what they will love.

Opting to have a free gift consultation could help you to find the perfect present, giving you ideas you may not have previously considered.

Prepare the right food

Everyone attending a party will expect some form of food. What kind you choose to organize depends on the number of guests, what time the party is held and the venue.

A barbecue can be a fantastic way to cater for large numbers and paying someone to do it for you can really help ensure there is enough food at the right time.

Alternatively, you may prefer to create a cold buffet, asking guests to bring a dish each. However, this is a little risky if you are unsure of the hygiene of the individuals or the variety of food you will have in the end.

Source the right drinks

With food sorted, try to remember that you will need drinks, too. Decide if you will have alcohol there or not.

If there are lots of young children present, then perhaps an alcohol-fuelled event might not be the best choice. Be sure to have plenty of ice and a selection of drinks to suit everyone’s needs.

Invite the right people

Hosting a party and not knowing the people that ought to be invited could end in disaster.

If it is likely to be a rowdy affair, you may decide, in conjunction with someone else (never make the final decision alone), to restrict the family members who are invited and organize something a little more sedate for the older generation instead.

However, for those you are keen to attend, be sure that there is plenty of space if there are rifts between any of the guests.

The last thing you want is for the celebration to be overshadowed by a petty argument that could lead to violence.

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