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If you are looking to buy clothes for someone as a gift then a t-shirt in my opinion is one of the best options, alternatively a hoody. The reason for this is that they can be loose or tight and they can still look good. There are so many different styles available and there really is something for everyone.

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10 reasons you should choose a t-shirt for a gift

I often advise against clothing as a gift because you never really know what size someone is. A t-shirt on the other hand is a great gift if you want to buy clothing. There are so many reasons for that and here are just a few.

The fit

If you buy a man a tshirt then just by looking at him you should have some idea what size suits. If not then large or xl usually is a good fit. If it turns out it is a little too big then he can wear it loose. If it is a little small he can wear it as a fitted tee or under a jumper.

If you buy for someone who then loses weight they can even still wear it!

Everyone wears them

Do you know anyone who never wears a t-shirt? Whether it be art inspired apparel or something with a slogan on it is sure to be worn. A t-shirt is the perfect item of clothing for chilling around the house and we all love doing that.

Can you think of anyone you know who does not wear t-shirts at some point? I imagine not, so this is why a t-shirt is a great gift!

They can suit any interest

You are buying for a rock fan or someone who loves bird watching, whatever the interest you are sure to find a t-shirt to suit their interests. If not then look at personalised ones for more niche interests.

Some stores such as Pixels have their tees separated into different categories such as funny, food and beverage, cars etc so you can quickly find the perfect tee. When you wear something you love you always feel good, don’t you?

A t-shirt can be a funny gift

There are so many t-shirts with funny slogans so if you are looking for a humorous gift then a t-shirt could fit this too. I love ones with phrases like “being normal is boring” and have even seen some “I survived Coronavirus 2020” tees which I think are quite fun!

If they don’t like it they will still use it

If by chance you choose a t-shirt they are not so keen on the chances are they will still use it so it is still a handy gift. Whether they decide to paint in it, sleep in it or wear it under a jumper in the winter it will still be likely to be used.

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It is a gift that lasts

No more buying gifts like chocolates that are gone a few days later, if you buy a t-shirt it will be a gift that they will keep a while and have plenty of use from, each time remembering it was you that gave it to them.

A gift for the “he has everything” recipient

Do you have a man in your life who has everything they want and keeps saying they have no idea what you can buy them for Christmas? I do and it is a nightmare! Men’s t-shirts are easy to buy but can be a great gift for the man who has everything or claims there is nothing he wants!

Women’s t-shirts can be elegant and stylish

When you are picturing a t-shirt it is easy to think of a baggy black shirt with a huge design and very masculine, isn’t it? There are so many lovely women’s t-shirts out there in much more feminine shapes and with stylish and elegant designs (I love this one as I have a hummingbird tattoo!) that make nice gifts.

I love ones with animals and have seen one that says “girl boss” I quite like the look of! After all, I am my own boss, and I love it!

They are inexpensive

Another reason t-shirts make a good gift is they are not expensive but are still clearly thought out and lovely gifts. It is easy to buy a nice tee for under £20 and in some cases under £10.

You can get the whole family a tee

Sometimes it is hard to buy gifts that you feel are equal for the whole family yet buy them all a new tee and you have an easy option! Remember when you were young and your parents tried to dress you the same as your sibling, or worse them? IT doesn’t have to be like that you can buy them all completely different designs but by going to one shop you have all the families gifts sorted!

Have you ever considered a t-shirt as a gift idea? Has this made you think about it? What style t-shirt do you prefer?

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