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Despite how much time you spend decorating and redecorating your house, you will wake up bored one day because you don’t like the decor anymore. At the same time, your financial situation might not be as good as you would like. Therefore you will need to improvise and get your creative juices flowing to transform your living space.

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to improve your home. Although applying a fresh coat of paint replacing all your furnishings would single-handedly take your home from boring to magazine-ready, they do not come cheap. But you cannot allow your bank to become an obstacle to a cosy and comfortable home.

Moreover, the internet is full of online shops and stores that offer discounts on furniture, wall hangings, flower pots, and carpets. In other scenarios, you can look for options at thrift shops. 

A living room with work desk

However, items like carpets will need a thorough cleaning to avoid any health hazards. Whenever you need to find a rug, click here for more clearance deals for quality and beautiful carpets to transform your living space.

Besides the above options, there are ways to make your living space exciting without stepping outside. Some of these easy yet effective ways include the following:

Move Your Plants to the Windowsill

You will notice a drastic change to the view through your windows when you place those little pots next to the light.

Your view in the mornings will be marvellous, and you will appreciate having bought those little spots that you thought were useless. Sometimes all it takes is just moving what you already have, and the transformation, although sometimes unrecognizable, is extraordinary.

Furthermore, if they are live plants, they could use sunlight through the window as they blossom. Thus, the windows are all it takes to transform houses, especially in small living spaces.


Sometimes too many items in small spaces lead to frustration. Get rid of those clothes you never wear, the utensils you never use, and the many shawls and blankets you never use. Limiting your options in clothing and furniture is what a minimalistic space requires to look more organized.

Decluttering your space naturally declutters your mind. The lesser the decisions you need to make, the higher your performance in your daily activities. So, if you want to change your living space, try the minimalist lifestyle; it might completely transform you. 

The idea behind minimalism to transform your living space is keeping only what you use and getting rid of the other items. The logic supports the concept that you don’t need it if you don’t use it.

Reorganize Your Shelves

Traditionally, shelves store books and magazines, but you can change that and include your tiny paintings and the little sculptures you bought from a trip abroad. Alternatively, you can put all your hardcopy photos in an album and put them on display on your shelves.

Shelves are not synonymous with books. Sometimes use them as a display for your exclusive shoe collection or cover them with off-white wallpaper for dramatic effect. Racks do not have to be dull; brighten them up with homemade varnish or add colour to bright book covers.

Draw something and Hang It

Expensive paintings are not all that; other times, you can write your favourite quote on paper and frame it, then use it as a wall hanging for your home. Spending money you do not have on the over-prized art is not prudent for a person living on a budget. Who knows, maybe you have the talent to paint, do not suppress it.

Moreover, there are so many DIYs to compensate for your lack of skills. But, of course, you might have to make some decorations by yourself according to your taste with the pandemic. Anyway, this artistic exploration can become a hobby that you can share with loved ones or a romantic partner.

Make Your Bed Everyday

Little victories that you experience in the morning can completely alter your bad mood. Sometimes, all you need is a little positive energy to keep you moving and productive throughout the day. The first one could be making your bed as soon as you wake up. 

Although it is underrated, a well-made bed will discourage staying in bed all day.

In addition, making your bed every day will naturally lead to frequent replacement of beddings. Clean beddings are the fastest ways to increase your sleep quality. Ultimately, clean bedsheets and clean pillows will boost the health of your skin and transform your living space.

Shift Your Lighting Fixtures

Do you know why supermarkets, malls, and hotels have the most fantastic lighting in the world? It is because the lighting is the simplest yet most effective way to make your home exquisite and warm instantly. 

Therefore, take that floor lamp out of the sitting room and place it in your dark corridor.

If you place your lamps and lighting fixtures in strategic places around the house, you’ll enjoy the view for quite a long time. Then, you can apply the same strategy to your backyard and marvel at the transformation. 

Most of the places you see in magazines and lifestyle television are just good at using the perfect lighting at the ideal spot in the home.

Take Some Art From Family and Friends

In most cases, your friends or family members have a piece of art they don’t use anymore. Do not be shy to ask; after all, another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Of course, you might find that your relatives and friends have some exquisite pieces they wanted to give to charity but give you instead.

This strategy is specifically for you if you live on a budget or love to save a few dollars. The key to successful budgeting is spending as little as possible, even if it involves taking up free items. 

Free things are not necessarily poor quality because they were once new to the owner. In most cases, art and wall-hanging fanatics have great taste, as your friends would.

Use Wallpaper

Lucky for you, paint is relatively expensive compared to wallpaper. There are several wallpaper shops online from which to choose. The patterns are also endless; you are at liberty to determine both the colour and design that suits your needs. 

Moreover, wallpapers do not damage the walls during installation or removal. Therefore, you will not breach your rental contract.

Installation is relatively easy, and you can do it for yourself to test your potential. However, all wallpaper suppliers offer installation services at a fee and sometimes as an after-sale service. As a result, your house will have the same feel as a freshly painted house.

Transform the Pantry With Clear Containers

You can reuse glass containers for mayonnaise and jelly to store spices in your pantry. These clear containers will not only make your pantry appealing to the eye but also make cooking easy. 

You don’t have to stop there; label the containers with clear stickers that you can get at an affordable price at a convenience store near you. 

The pantry sometimes is the thin line between a stylish kitchen and a disaster. Organizing is the number one way to keep your kitchen tidy since you can reach your ingredients without any struggle.

As mentioned earlier, you can find inspiration to transform your living space on YouTube or Pinterest. Sometimes, the solution to tiny kitchen storage space is the ‘lazy Susan‘; it makes accessing ingredients at the back of a cabinet effortless.

Remove Your Closet Door

This strategy is a more risky step to upgrade your home. However, it is not as ridiculous as it seems. Closet doors make a room smaller and encourage a disorganized closet because you can hide it. Opening up your closet and creating a mini walk-in closet transforms your bedroom instantly. You not only become organized, but also it makes decluttering a part of your routine.

There is a reason you find clothing stores appealing. It’s because they are open and all the clothes are on hangers. Even the shelves have no diodes to block your view. So get inspiration from these spaces and elevate your closet.

Sometimes, adding light to your closet can take it from meh to marvellous. It would help if you reconsidered these tips because they are not only creative, but they pay off in the long run.

Add a Full-Length Mirror

There is a sort of mystique mirrors bring to a house; this is why you should get it. If you live in a smaller house, a mirror is a must-have. Reflecting on the home makes it feel so much more prominent. 

In addition, with a reflection of your house, you can play with different pillow and lamp positions to ascertain the most compatible. Finally, it will blow your mind with the elegance and style a mirror does to a basic decor.

You can also use a mirror frame as a decoration for your space. Explore the many patterns, colours, and shapes of mirrors available. You can even take the route of a full-length doing mirror which could do wonders for your home.

Final Thoughts

Interior decor is something you learn with practice because there is no one way of decorating a home; you have the liberty to play with different colours and shapes. However, be careful not to go overboard, have a primary starting point like the colour brown and work from there.

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