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Global home decor is a progressive industry. As a matter of fact, the global home decor market is estimated at almost USD $8 billion from 2019 to 2025. This figure goes to show that more and more units are sold annually and furniture manufacturers are enjoying a huge slice of the pie.

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As more furniture pieces are sold in the market, homeowners are getting pickier with the home design they want for their living room. And one popular living room decor is the vintage style. In this article, we’ll tell you what elements to look for in vintage-inspired living room furniture.

Dominate with wooden pieces

Most homeowners think that vintage living room design ideas should be overwhelmed with wood. And that is a major priority in a vintage living room. The most evident element in a vintage living room style should be wood. That being said, try to use wooden furniture pieces liberally.

The vintage living room style should exude decades-long history. Therefore, it’s recommended to use outdated wooden living room furniture items. Think of ideas that showcase a somewhat “old” appeal in your living room.

Combine furniture finishes and styles

Although you’d want to aim for an outdated look in your living room interior, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it chic and stylish. Think of ideas that can boast a vintage appeal with a modern twist. You may even mix vintage living room furniture with modern furniture as long as you make sure you put a defining line between both home interior designs and put a more visual weight on vintage interior style.

Speaking of finishes, one of the most popular vintage living room interior ideas is a distressed finish. Having a sort of raw or unpolished finish is widely-embraced in vintage living room interior decor. Distressed finishes on your sofa, coffee table, end tables, chairs, and whatnot also exude a warm and chic appeal you won’t find in other home decor designs.

Decorate with accent pieces

Always decorate with statement pieces to attract the eyes. Whether it’s a futon, an oversized armchair, a huge mirror, an accent wall, or a big wall painting, accent pieces are a surefire way to spruce up your home.

The most convenient statement piece you can think of for your living room is an oversized chair. Choose chair ideas that are inviting, those that don vivid colours, or contrasting colours with overstuffed cushions. These types of chairs must be those that can make you grab a hot cup of cocoa, curl up, and watch movies for hours in your living room. Whether you have a big or small living room, there is always space for a statement chair.

Go for subtle and calming colors

Whether you’re aiming for a vintage or modern living room, your living room paint and colors are of the essence. The wall painting in your home ties together the entire living room decor. The colors also set the mood of the room. Depending on what shade you choose, the room can look chic, overly formal, or casual.

In terms of vintage furniture and overall style, it’s recommended to opt for calm and subtle colors such as cream, beige, buttery yellow, or sage green. Think of the overall home decor and ensure that the colors also match with other design elements. Additionally, that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with bright colors in a vintage living room to make it hip and chic. You can integrate bright colors for your accent pieces as long as they don’t overwhelm the entire room.


Thinking of the best vintage living room ideas can be easy if you know the elements in this home design by heart. To achieve a functional, warm, inviting, and chic vintage living room, grab the most suitable furniture products. Check out Local Furniture Outlet for unique designs and huge discounts.

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