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It is easy when you start blogging to look at more experiences bloggers and wonder how on earth they got there. I am quite a few years into my blogging journey now, I started in 2016. I wanted to share with you some things other bloggers don’t always share.

We all start somewhere and I am always happy to give tips and advice to new bloggers as people gave advice to me. Now I often hire a virtual assistant to help me out with work. Remember to keep busy too and if you have no paid work you can do blog admin.

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Scheduling isn’t cheating

At first I thought that by scheduling things it was cheating and that to be successful I had to be online a lot posting my articles and interacting with people. Whilst in some ways that is true there are elements you should schedule to free up time for other tasks.

Reposting recipes or older posts is a great way of using a scheduler and keeps your content out there without you having to remember! Here are some tips for designing your own social media posts.

You don’t need a beautiful house

It is so easy to think that all bloggers have gorgeous houses but they don’t. Many of us have a few good spots that are surrounded by clutter. That is ok! Pictures should always be clear and stylish but that doesn’t mean your whole house has to be. Clever use of props can make all the difference.

I have a friend who has a gorgeous house and as she doesn’t have children and isn’t a hoarder like me her house is much less cluttered. I often ask her for random photos! Stock photos are pretty handy too because let’s face it, a photo of a car on a sunny road is the same whether I take it or someone else if it is illustrating going out for the day. Stock photos are so handy! Here are some places you can find them.

You don’t need expensive backgrounds

Whilst photography backgrounds are great and perfect for blogging photos they are not essential and certainly when you are starting out not needed. I often use wallpaper offcuts and flooring offcuts for photos. If you have a room carpeted then save reasonable size offcuts for pictures. If you have floor tiles left over then even better as they are already cut to a good size! Paragon carpet tiles are perfect for this.

Press releases are useful

It is easy to think press releases are generally useless but actually they are handy and it is worth signing up for them in your niche. It gives you an idea of what the company is focussing their promotions on at the moment. Also it usually has the press officers contact details on so you can contact them to work with them at another date.

Be different

It is easy to start out and think you have to copy or be very similar to someone else. This is not the case because why would someone read your blog if it is the same as someone else’s? People are all different and as such blogs should be too. Make sure that whatever you do you are unique and true to yourself. There is no point trying to be someone you are not because it is impossible to keep it up. Currently, there are lots of blogs about living an eco-friendly life.

For parenting bloggers check out this site for tips for parenting bloggers.

5 Blogging secrets no one tells you

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