A guest post by James from Piece and Quiet helping you with avoiding burnout.

Piece and Quiet exist to help people discover new ways to relax and unwind, with the aim of avoiding burnout. We partner with talented local artists to create beautiful mindful products such as art jigsaw puzzles and mindfulness colouring books, which are proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. Today we want to highlight just some of the reasons why taking time for yourself is so important.

The puzzles throughout this article are all Piece and Quiet puzzles!

Why we are all getting burnt out

The last 18 months has taken its toll. The pandemic, lockdowns and a completely new way of life has made it harder than ever to manage your work-life balance, as well as the constant stresses and anxiety of ever-changing restrictions and government guidance.

With nowhere to go and strict restrictions on socialising, there was no way of distracting ourselves from the reality of a life that began to revolve almost entirely around work and Zoom calls.

That’s one of the main reasons why we started Piece and Quiet. We were both experiencing burnout ourselves, with no motivation to do anything (even things we usually really enjoyed!), and with few things to look forward to on the horizon such as holidays and socialising with friends to keep us going, we were really struggling to balance it all.

We found that so many friends and relatives were feeling the exact same. Disillusioned with their careers, really taking a step back and wondering if the life they were living was what they really wanted, and ultimately looking for ways to live a happier more fulfilled life.

Are you feeling burnt out?

It turns out that the whole nation was feeling this way, with 75% of UK workers reported to have suffered with burnout in 2020 predominantly as a result of substantial increases in both levels of pointless work (driven by unnecessary Zoom calls) and Imposter Syndrome.

The reality is this doesn’t have to be the case. It is possible to live a happy and fulfilled life, balancing all of the pressures and stresses that you face, but the key part is putting yourself first, and taking time for yourself each and every day. This can manifest itself in a range of different ways.

How to start avoiding burnout

Firstly, spotting burnout and when you’re feeling this way. There are various clear signs that you’re feeling burnt out. Fatigue, a lack of motivation and feeling more tired and less sociable than usual are all clear alarm bells you’re heading towards burnout. At this stage, it’s important to take a step back and assess the factors impacting this that are both within your control and outside of your control.

We’ve also got a load of advice and recommendations for helping you get back to feeling yourself, and living your best life:


We cannot overstate enough the importance of getting sufficient sleep. Do everything you can to set yourself up for a good night with a minimum of 8 hours under the covers. It really will make all the difference to your mental state, clarity of thought and overall wellness.

Digital Detox

Give yourself a Digital Detox We know, sometimes there’s nothing nicer than a little evening scroll through Insta. Guilty as charged. That said, when you’re feeling burnt out, hours doom-scrolling through Instagram can be the last thing you need.

Switch off your phone and set limits for time spent on social media apps. It will help you feel more productive. It’s also worth taking stock of the accounts you’re following.

Are they sharing positivity and content you truly enjoy and get value from, or are they fake accounts showing off the perfect life? It’s good to have a cleanse every now and then to make sure you’re seeing content that makes you feel good.

Socialise with friends

Socialise with friends When we’re not feeling at our best it can be easy to want to lock ourselves away and avoid socialising. But often, speaking to those closest to us and voicing our pains and struggles is just what we need to get back to feeling ourselves.

You’ll be amazed how often those around you are feeling the same, and it’s always better to tackle things together than alone.

Creativity and mindfulness

Get creative and take part in mindful activities There are so many incredible ways to put your mind at ease.

Mindful activities send your brain into a relaxed, meditative state, allowing you to de-stress and giving you the recovery time you need.

Some of our absolute favourites include painting, doodling and, of course, jigsaw puzzles! The act of placing each piece of a jigsaw puzzle provides an instant boost of dopamine, boosting your mood and relaxing your mind.

Choose an incredible art jigsaw puzzle and you’ll even have the sense of achievement of your own masterpiece come to the end of it too. There are so many incredible ways to take time for yourself, spend the time exploring what works best for you.

Change your environment

There are lots of small things you can do to improve your immediate environment, such as increasing the amount of sunlight you’re exposed to and de-cluttering your workspace.

Changing your environment entirely too can really boost your mental health. From going for a walk through the local park, taking time to appreciate all the sights, sounds and smells, to going away somewhere completely new to explore for a few days.

A change of environment can be exactly what you need to reduce anxiety and over-stimulation, slowing down your mind and your pace of life, even just for a few days to recover.

Has this helped?

And there you have it, just some reasons why taking time for yourself really is the most important thing, that can have a significant and profound impact on reducing and avoiding the feeling of burnout. Let us know your favourite tips for managing your wellbeing and living a happy and fulfilled life.

About Piece and Quiet

Piece and Quiet is an up and coming jigsaw puzzle brand with unique and quirky designs that you will love. Set up by two men in their twenties it is the perfect go-to brand for young people wanting nice puzzles that aren’t just quaint cottages and the ones everywhere has at Christmas!

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