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At the moment life is a bit rubbish and every day feels like Groundhog Day doesn’t it? When you are working from home, spend all day every day at home, and so do the people you live with, it is really important to spend some time putting yourself first.

Here are some top tips in collaboration with the guys over at Bedroom Athletics to help you put yourself first this week, you deserve it.

A cup of coffee

Watch some of your favourite TV

I often fall into the trap of watching things just because Stuart likes them and I can’t be bothered to suggest anything else.

Equally, I could go and watch something upstairs on the bedroom TV or suggest he does but it is easy to just watch whatever is on whether you enjoy it or not, don’t you think?

Recently I have been spending much more time watching shows I enjoy and if that means some evenings we are not watching things together that is just fine.

Having time apart is good in a relationship too and when you can not go out the best way is to do something you love in a different room.


While Stuart watches football I have been often in another room curled up under my new throw with comfy slippers on and hot chocolate watching true crime shows on YouTube or things like 24 hours in A&E.

Both are things I love but Stuart really doesn’t enjoy, a bit like my feelings of football. It is so warm and cosy and makes me feel so pampered and relaxed.

mink throw from bedroom athletics

Read a book

I enjoy reading but do not do it as often as I should. This is something I have been focussing on more recently as it is really something purely for me.

Another time I like to snuggle under a throw (like this Bedroom athletics one) and get into my own little world.

There is something so relaxing about reading isn’t there, taking yourself into the world of the writer or narrator of the book and it is like nothing around you matters.

Unless you are cold of course, this is why I always read under a throw. It just feels so relaxing somehow.


Pamper time

Just because your partner does not wear makeup, enjoy face masks or share a bath with candles doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

When you are together in the same house all of the time it is easy for these things to slowly slip.

Before you know it you are no longer painting your nails, or can’t be bothered to put jewellery on. Let’s face it no one else will see it will they?


The reality is that these pamper moments are not just for other people, they are also for you.

Does it make you feel good when you apply makeup or have a face mask on? If it does then why can’t you do it just for yourself, why does it have to be for anyone else?

Of course we all bath frequently but this is far from the experience of a relaxing bath with candles around the sides, a glass of wine and music to relax to is it?

Why should every bath be to the background noise of the kids arguing or someone asking what’s for tea? This time should sometimes be your pamper time.

The time everyone knows you are making time for you and are not to be disturbed. With young children, this can be hard but give it a try when someone else is entertaining them or they are asleep.

slipper boots from Bedroom athletics

Why shop with Bedroom Athletics?

Give these things a go and why not treat yourself to some new fluffy slippers or a throw for ultimate relaxation? These slipper boots are the ones pictured above and they are lovely! I much prefer a slipper boot for true comfort and relaxation!

Bedroom athletics stock a variety of throws and if they are all as luxurious as the one I have shared above then they will be amazing. I absolutely love this throw and it is so warm I finally can stop complaining I am cold every evening!

If you would like a new dressing gown do check out their variety too as a fellow blogger who reviewed one tells me they are amazing!

All of these would make lovely gifts for Valentine’s day too, I know if I didn’t have these I would have hoped for them!

A cup of coffee

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