I find that working from home sometimes means that home can be a relaxing place but also a stressful place. I have recently been putting some thought into how to make it more relaxing and calming as an environment to work in. I thought I would share with you some of my ideas in case it helps any of you that work from home too.

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A light and airy room

This helps you feel more productive I find. If a room is too dark and gloomy or there is too much artificial light it can really make me feel sluggish and less inclined to get much done.

If you are the same then how about looking at your windows, do they need to open up a little with less in the way of curtains around them?

If you have a garden room I imagine this would be a perfect place to work if it isn’t too cold. Full of light and near the nature of the garden.

Clutter-free surroundings

I am terrible at having stuff everywhere! I know if I was a bit more organised and didn’t have piles of stuff all over the place working would be easier and stress-free.

Working from home ideally should mean one area of work things and the rest is your home as normal. This is definitely something I need to work on!

I think otherwise the work/life balance is easily messed up and before you know it you are working or thinking about work all the time.


When I am working I try to be realistic and not worry about washing, cooking or cleaning at the same time. I do set aside time for that but often do it so to have a screen break.

This encourages me to have a screen break but also not to spend my working time fretting about all the housework I should be doing!

Another thing I find I often do is watch TV or listen to music whilst I work. This isn’t always ideal as can be too distracting but on one hand, it can be just right. It keeps me thinking about more mundane things like whether I need to put the washing machine on so that has to be a bonus!

What do you do when you work from home to make it as stress-free as possible? Do you find changing small things in your house can make all the difference such as the windows or clutter? If you have any other suggestions do let me know.

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