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With Christmas coming up it is so easy to get worried about how you will afford everything so here are some ideas that should help you. Saving money on your online shopping can help but only buy gifts you can not make! If you make gifts for family and friends you can give something really lovely but for minimal cost.

Why not then swap handmade items with your friends too so they can give what you make well to their family and you can give theirs. A great way of having a budget Christmas! Here are 10 Christmas gifts to make yourself.

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Christmas gifts to make yourself with things from around the house

Covered plant pots with fabrics you have. You could use old clothes, bedding, tea towels or even an item of clothing you were given as a gift but don’t like?

Baking fudge, biscuits or similar. There are even some slow cooker fudge recipes.

A baking or hot chocolate kit – using a simple clean empty jar you can layer all the ingredients needed to make a tasty hot chocolate with marshmallows etc to make a perfect gift. These can be made for cookies too and just instructions with how much of other ingredients need adding and how to cook them.

Homemade photo frame or mirror – using a boring plain photo frame or mirror you can decorate the frame with shells, fabric, sequins, or even photos or recipe pictures. Why not do something personal for your friend? To protect it you can buy a cheap clear varnish to cover it.

Christmas gifts to make yourself for minimal cost

Bath bombs – There are some really easy recipes to follow to make your own bath bombs. These DIY fizzy calendula rose bath bombs look so easy to make and are a great gift.

Rope bowls – Using a length of rope and a glue gun simple seal the end of the rope then wrap the rope into a coil for the base of the bowl then around a mixing bowl you have, glueing in place along the way. When it gets to the top simply seal the end with glue again. Remember to glue the rope to itself not the bowl you are using!

Paracord bracelets and keyrings – Paracord is easy and cheap to buy and makes beautiful bracelets, keyrings or similar.

Homemade chopping boards – using a wood etching tool that can be bought in many craft stores you can personalise, design or decorate any wooden chopping board you buy cheaply.

Hand sanitiser holder – For the cost of a little fabric, a button, some elastic and a little time you could make a beautiful hand sanitiser holder for someone who is often out and about in this new normal we have. This tutorial is good but you could easily make your own design.

Handwarmer – Using whole wheat grain and pieces of fabric make little pouches full of wheat which can make mini wheat bags for the microwave to keep hands toasty warm.

Mug filled with sweets and wrapped in cellophane – this is really easy to do and at a minimal cost especially if you find stylish good value mugs and bulk buy sweets to use for a few gifts. Just try not to eat them all while you are making them!

Do you have any easy gift ideas you make for gifts? Do share them below and help us all to have a budget Christmas.

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