Whilst I would love to have a house with a huge kitchen and lots of space the reality is I don’t and I am sure neither do you. I have spent a little time the last few weeks decluttering our kitchen whilst cooking or cleaning and thought I would share a few quick tips.

A kitchen with white decor and black stools

Would you just love to have a kitchen like the one above with lots of storage and easy to keep clean, with no clutter in sight? I know I would but I am a bit of a hoarder! I am sure I am not alone though and these tips will inspire some of you to have a clear out too! This is especially important if like us you at one point were two houses that moved in together and didn’t try decluttering then!

Sort out the mugs, glasses and other drinking vessels! Anything you haven’t used in the last year and that doesn’t match or any you don’t regularly use, get rid of them.

Gadgets – Do you buy gadgets that seem a great idea and then just never use them? Get rid of those you don’t use and are highly unlikely to ever use!

Food cupboards – if it’s out of date then the likelihood is you can chuck it away if you didn’t use it by its best before then what makes you think you will use it now? Maybe you bulk-bought it and didn’t use it?

Useless organisers – Do you buy things from Ikea and other such places that you think will make life easier but they just get in the way? Get rid of them during this decluttering!

Chopping boards – how many do you ever use at once? Do you need 8 really? Get rid!

Carrier bags – How many do you really need in the house? If you will not use them, get rid! If you will then would they be better in the car boot anyway?

Plastic containers – If it’s stained or cracked unless it really is exceptional, get rid! If it is missing a lid, get rid! If you have too many, get rid! How many do you ever really use at once? It surely isn’t as many as we actually had! Get rid of them now!

Egg cups – Do you ever use them? If you don’t, why do you have them? Get rid!

Cutlery and utensils – How many do you ever use at once? Are the ones you have actually different enough to warrant keeping each? When Stuart and I moved in together we had 6 ladles, who needs 6 ladles? We sure don’t! So you guessed it, be ruthless and get rid!

Pans and casserole dishes – Do you actually use them all or spend forever cursing when you have to pull lots of pans out to find the lid to the one you actually need? If you never use them do you need them? Get rid!

Cleaning products – Organise and throw away what you don’t use and make sure you have them sorted so you don’t buy things you don’t need and keep filling it up!

This photo shows two big bags with all the plastic tubs I got rid of out of our Tupperware storage cupboards!!

Two plastic bags filled with Tupperware on top of a grey carpet

And here are all the mugs from decluttering!

A reusable carrier bag filled with mugs

Crazy isn’t it how these things collect?

Do you have any kitchen cleaning and decluttering tricks? If so do add them in the comments.

Pinterest pin of a kitchen countertop with devices and appliances on top

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