This article includes links I have been paid to include but I know the advice will help you all massively in planning a Disney holiday.

I would love to go to Walt Disney World but the cost does worry me as well as all the planning. Ben doesn’t like people dressed up but maybe one day we can go when he would be able to cope with it. I have been looking at all the secrets I can find with the help of fellow bloggers. In the meantime, I will try and work my way through watching all the Disney classic DVDs!

mickey mouse at Disney
Mickey Mouse at Disney

I even know a blogger who writes solely about trips to Disney. Check out her blog, Livvy Bird Adventures. These tips are from a mixture of bloggers but should help you when planning your trip! Some go to Disney again and again so have great tips!

Book attraction tickets in advance

By combining Disney Orlando tickets you can save money and be sure to be able to go to your favourite attractions. It adds to the excitement too knowing where you are going and when. The spreadsheet will come in handy here!

Check out the dining offers

There are often free dining offers that you may be able to pay to upgrade a little. This can make a huge difference so there is no need to book your holiday when there are no offers available. A short wait and you might get a better deal and free dining! Livvy bird adventures suggest having a spreadsheet to plan!

Consider a stroller

The parks are very big and require a lot of walking. Why not take the stroller even if your child rarely uses it. Mandi from Big family little adventures suggested this and as she has 7 kids I would say she is a bit of an expert on these things!

push pins in a map
Push pins pointing planned travel destinations on tourist map

Plan your flight well

Your holiday starts with the flight. Why would you want to have a stressful flight if you can avoid it? Get organised pack travel pillows and think of all the things you can take with you well before the flight.

Buy Disney costumes before you go

Your children, and probably yourself too, may want to dress up as characters or wear Disney clothes while you are there. You can buy some amazing things here for a fraction of the price at the resort. Plan in advance and buy them here says Fiona from Savvy in Somerset.

Stay in a villa

I would have thought a villa would be more expensive than a hotel but when I read on the Oddhogg blog all the advantages I realised it would be much better. If you are looking for hotels then there are lots of tips to save money by hunting all the best sites.

Get cashback

Check all the cashback sites to see if you can get money back and visit Disney on a budget when you pay for your flights, accommodation or attractions. I really hadn’t considered this. I am terrible for forgetting to use my cashback sites when I spend money but Melissa from The diary of a jewellery lover reminded me in her 101 money-saving tips for Orlando post!

If you are reading this and panicking thinking that Walt Disney World is too expensive then how about looking at Disneyland Paris instead?

Have you considered sustainable tourism? I must say it had not even occurred to me until I read this post about it.

Pinterest pin of Disney World castle

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