This article about visiting the USA and the ESTA application process includes paid-for links but all the thoughts and dreams are my own! I want to visit the USA for Christmas!

Have you had non stop rain the last week as we have? If so you will feel my pain when I say I want to go on holiday! The only thing putting me off is the lack of money and the fact I am quite anxious about flying!

A trip for Christmas shopping would be perfect don’t you think? Maybe we will come into some money and can jet off soon! For all the things I would love to do I think we would need a month there.

man with travel suitcase
This man obviously has the ESTA sorted and is off for his flight – I am so jealous!

Christmas in New York

The song, Fairytale of New York is my favourite Christmas song. not only that but the film Home Alone: Lost in New York was one of my favourites as a child. Set at Christmas I would just love to visit and see the magic of the city for myself. The Rockefeller Christmas tree sounds amazing and a perfect Instagram spot too!

The whole city of lights just sounds so beautiful and an amazing place to go for a few days or so of Christmas shopping. I am glad the US ESTA is cheap and easy to get sorted as it means more money for shopping!

Disneyworld at Christmas

I have never been to Disney World but I can not imagine a better time to go than at Christmas. It is already such a magical place so Christmas would just make it even better.

If I went to Disney World I would definitely have to wear a Christmas Minnie Mouse outfit for the day. It would just seem wrong going in normal clothes, don’t you think? Even just writing this post has made me want to go online get my ESTA, book the flights, hotel and go!

Ice skaters having fun in New York Central Park in fall

Visit Chicago

Another amazing place to go Christmas shopping with the Magnificent Mile where designer shops like Tiffany & Co and Armani have amazing window displays.

Towards the end of November is the Magnificent Mile Lights festival when all the lights are switched on. I would definitely aim to visit after that, or even for the switch on!

The zoo lights at Lincoln Park zoo are said to be amazing too. Home to the world’s largest German Christmas Market outside Germany it is free but very busy attracting 1 million visitors a year! That wouldn’t stop me from wanting to go and see it though.

Go skiing at Aspen

I can not ski but would love to be able to. Alternatively, I would love to visit and just be in the atmosphere of Colorado with the ski resort and all the wintery Christmas atmosphere.

They have 12 days of Aspen from 20-31 December which sounds amazing with fireworks, ice-skating and shopping. The Denver Christmas market sounds a nice alternative if you visit in earlier December.

It includes a German market and is reportedly a great place to visit Christmas shopping.

Aspen is such a popular place for celebrities too so I would be sure to keep my eyes out. Can you imagine a Christmassy picture with Brad Pitt? That would make my Christmas!

Santa Claus, Indiana

I would love to visit Santa Claus, what an amazing place that screams Christmas even in its name! Whilst I imagine it is a strange place to visit in June it comes into its own in the winter months. It sounds amazing, even if just to get a photo there because of the name!

Have a search online to see what they have planned this year at the same time as you sort out your ESTA.

Happy festive blonde with shopping bags against blurry new york street

Getting your ESTA sorted and planning to visit the USA for Christmas

If you have just come into a lot of money or realised you want to visit the USA for Christmas, firstly please take me with you. If you want to contact me we can arrange it all no problem!

Secondly don’t worry about getting your visa sorted. Once you complete your ESTA application you can actually have it ready in an hour! I was impressed at that and will remember that when my numbers come out at the weekend! Imagine the perfect wedding you could have!

With the recent problems with Thomas Cook, I would highly recommend anything you pay for you do on a credit card. This way if there are any issues the company can refund you themselves as they are jointly liable. check out the exchange rates too.

Check you have travel insurance and any immunisations you may need with your GP. The gov UK website has some great advice too.

If you found this helpful please share!

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