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Don’t get excited I have no intention of getting married again! My previous relationship, as I have shared before, was abusive. When we planned our wedding it was on a budget and there were no aspects we really agreed on. He left me to decide everything and he was not really interested. If only I had seen that as a sign of things to come.

Bride choosing her wedding shoes.
Wedding planning – choosing shoes!

I know that if I ever was to marry again I would like a real dream wedding. An event which was the dream of both mine and my partners. I could never go through all that sort of relationship again and am very thankful that my partner Stuart is nothing like that.

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The outfits

If I marry again I will ensure I am slim with the body I am happy with so I can choose a dress I love that suits me. I would still love to wear white and have a veil. Next time though I would take much more time to choose my dress and make sure I felt happy with it. There are some gorgeous dresses like the one pictures below from Styleaisle I have seen, not that I have been looking of course!

Woman wearing long pink dress in front of a blue wall

I would love my husband to be to wear a really snazzy suit, and Ben too, of their choice of course. Designer brands do not bother me just nice and stylish.

The wedding venue

I would love to get married in an old church, castle or stately home. Somewhere that is beautiful and classical at the same time. It would be magical and really somewhere that makes me feel like a princess for the day.

I would love a venue which is decorated beautifully with flowers and rose gold decorations.

Wedding Reception

The reception would be somewhere stylish but also with wonderful food. I would love something unique like singing waiters and a band. A magician for the children would be amazing and maybe even face painting or something.

My perfect wedding meal would be a really special vegetarian meal for me and any other vegetarians. Of course, the meat-eaters would have a nice option too but I would ensure everyone likes the choice beforehand. A while ago I went to a wedding and most of the guests had no idea what they would be eating and didn’t like the choice. If you are spending a lot on the meal you should in my opinion at least make sure it is something your guests all like.

The honeymoon

I would love a proper honeymoon if I ever get married again. Somewhere exotic and hot would be amazing. Maybe somewhere like the Caribbean or Canary Islands.

I think if I could afford it I would have a year of honeymoon trips including New York, Canada and Australia. We could take Ben on some of the holidays and leave him at home with my mum for others.

What would your dream wedding be like? Would you like something similar to mine? Or are you someone who would prefer a simple wedding? Can you imagine being a celebrity and organising a wedding?

Whatever you do, don’t forget the hen night or hen weekend.

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