A house fire is a situation that fills many homeowners with dread, particularly those with a family. And it’s no wonder given not only the damage they cause to your home and sentimental possessions but also the considerable risk to life that they pose.

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Avoiding a fire in the first place is always preferable to dealing with one as it starts and indeed the aftermath after that. We’ve put together these 5 top tips to help you avoid a fire in the first place:

Do not smoke in bed this is a major fire risk

Smoking in bed is one of the critical ignitors of house fires as not only can you quickly drop lit ash onto your bedding to spark it; you might also fall asleep while holding your cigarette.

You might even fail to extinguish it properly. Avoid it, and it won’t cause a fire in your home!

Check your electrics for the risk of a fire

Your electrical wiring should be checked regularly and at least once every five years. This is to ensure the integrity of it has not been compromised.

Failing to earth properly, frayed wires, etc. can all contribute to fire with either sparks or extreme temperatures at the root. Speak to the experts to ensure your electrics are in safe order.

Guard any open flames

If you have an open fire, while creating a delightful ambience, you are at risk if you do not have the right measures in place. Fires can spit so make sure you have a proper fireguard in place.

Be careful with any candles too as knocking these over could start a fire. Ensure all fires are extinguished adequately before going to bed and don’t leave them unattended.

Do not dry clothes near your open fire or gas-burning hob either. It only takes one corner to catch before the whole lot is up in flames.

Fat burners

Cooking with fat is still a significant cause of house fires so never leave them unattended and keep children away. Even if a fire does not start, significant injury can be caused by hot fat.

In the terrible event of a fire starting, cover it with a wet towel, and do not throw water onto it directly.

Be careful of portable heaters

Where possible, have an extra guard for these, mainly if there are young children in the vicinity. They can reach extreme temperatures and when knocked over could cause a fire quickly. Don’t leave them in the presence of youngsters and guard them properly.

A house fire is an extremely scary and unfortunate event so putting some measures in place to prevent them is always advisable. It is very important to ensure you have smoke detectors fitted throughout your home, and that they are checked regularly.

Have them wired into the mains with a battery backup that you test weekly. Replace the batteries annually regardless of usage.

Plan your family’s escape route and consider the risk of a fire. Remember, if a fire does start, then get out, stay out and call the emergency services.

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