This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. If you are buying a gift for a big foodie or a gift for someone on a diet then it can be hard to find good gifts for foodies that are not boring and basic so I hope these ideas help. I also have some ideas in my gifts for Slimming World followers guide here and my funny gifts for weight loss guide.

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garlic press in shape of a fish

A small and simple gadget for a keen cook is this Fish Garlic Press from Kikkerland. It is available from Amazon for £16 and would save them money in buying crushed garlic when they can crush it themselves without getting garlicky fingers! Gifts for foodies don’t have to be expensive!

meat claws for pulling apart meat

For a man who loves to cook how about these Meat claws perfect for pulling apart meat to easily shred something like pulled pork? They are £12.99 from Amazon.

Waffle maker open on a wooden table

Do they have a waffle maker? It is a great gadget for making breakfast waffles or sweet waffles whether for yourself or as a family treat. You never know they may make you yummy waffles! This is an amazing one for just 34.99 made by VonShef and available from VonHaus.

Crockery, serving, glassware etc

Pair or iridescent gin glasses

These gin glasses are a perfect gift for any gin lover. The pair are £15.99 and have a stunning iridescent design. I couldn’t get a photo to show them well so I have shared the image on the box instead! Buy them from Cook Serve Enjoy.

london pottery cake stand and jug and teapot set in blue floral design

If you are buying for someone who loves making a nice afternoon tea or perhaps just enjoys gorgeous pottery, this London Pottery set in the Blue Rose design consists of a gorgeous cake stand, milk jug and teapot. I love the blue rose design as it looks so classy and stylish whilst still being floral. The set if bought separately would be £99.97 but can be bought as a set for £69.99. Gifts for foodies can be beautiful and decorative like this as well as functional.

floral pottery set

For someone who loves lovely pottery, this London Pottery teapot set is perfect. The set if bought separately would be £94.96 but it is currently on offer for £49.99. Perfect for a keen tea drinker who likes the finer things in life. The pattern is called Viscri Meadow and this set consists of a teapot, teacup and saucer, milk jug and sugar bowl.

wine cooler and cheese board

If you are buying for someone with a more modern style or who doesn’t like florals then this Artesa set from Cook Serve Enjoy is lovely. Made from marble and acacia wood they go well in any home. The set of three consists of a serving board (below) a cheese board, and a wine cooler. The set of three is £69.99 from Cook Serve Enjoy.

serving board


If you are buying for someone who loves coffee then why not consider a bag of coffee that is available in coffee shops? 200° coffee is a popular brand and is available in a selection of varieties. This one is Brazilian Love Affair for £8.95 directly from 200° coffee.


Cured meat selection

Would a meat hamper be the perfect gift? This cured meat bundle is an amazing gift from Crown and Queue, a British Cured Meat company that resurrected traditional and historical recipes to make amazing treats which I believe make amazing gifts for foodies.

It is a sustainable brand that focuses on quality and even chooses green options for the couriers which I think is fantastic. This is the small gift hamper for £38 but there are many other options available from Crown and Queue.

Traegar rubs

For someone who loves to cook meats or BBQ these rubs from Traeger, a popular wood pellet grill manufacturer are perfect for those with a Traeger and who just use something like a griddle pan or oven. Each Traeger rub tin is £9.99 and will last a while, depending on how much you use each time! The varieties we have tried are the prime rib rub, fin and feather rub, beef rub and veggie rub.

If you are buying for a peanut butter fan then why not buy something a bit different that they are sure to love? These would also be great for a hamper gift. Knotty’s nut butters contain no added sugars or palm oil and can be eaten in any way you would eat other peanut butter but they are more fun and unique.

The two varieties photographed above are Royal Highness – peanut butter with popping candy, and Top Banana – peanut butter with banana chips and coconut cream flakes.

Knotty’s can be purchased online at Nutributters can be purchased online at or in-store at Holland and Barratt. If you buy Hello Fresh recipe boxes you may have also enjoyed the sachets in those!

Selection of opies jars

For a bit of luxury, why not check out the range of gifts for foodies from Opies? I love the Apricots in Luxardo dark rum but they are all lovely. If they might prefer savoury why not buy the pickled walnuts? These jars are available for around £6.50 in many independent retailers as well as some being available in Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons, Tesco, Booths and Nisa. Check the Opies foods website for the full range.

These Spice Pots are not only great for anyone who loves to cook but they also look like a lovely gift. This curry night set is £15.95 and contains 8 curry recipes and enough to make meals for the family. A great gift for anyone who is dieting too as blends like this can be a great way to make fakeaways at home instead of buying takeaways!

Health foods

haskpa berry powder

Haskapa berry powder is a great superfood powder for someone who is trying to increase the nutrients in their diet without having to eat punnet after punnet of blueberries! The powder is available as a subscription if you are looking to buy a gift for the year for your recipient or as part of a gift box which includes two packs of Haskapa berry powder, a coconut bowl and bamboo spoon and a glass storage jar designed to filter out UV light to keep the powder fresh and drink. The Haskapa gift pack is £50, a pack of the powder alone is £18 or three packs are £45.

Pro youth bars and tablets

For fitness fanatics, nutrition is important, especially protein bars and rehydration drinks. These are just a few of the products from ProYouth that could be a perfect gift for them. The bars are available in a trial pack of three for £6.25 or in multipacks. The vitamin electrolyte tablets are £6.95 a tube. All are available along with other goodies from ProYouth Nutrition.

Books for foodies and dieters

Dairy Diary

I love the Dairy Diary and have used it for a few years now. It is a gorgeous diary and also has recipes in it too for inspiration. A great mix between a recipe book and a diary. It gets bonus points for me as it has a great tit on the front which is one of my favourite birds and reminds me of my Grandma.

inside the dairy diary

If this is the perfect gift for your recipient the Dairy Diary is £8.99 and is available from Dairy Diary.

Smorgasbowl recipe book

This book is a perfect gift for anyone looking to start a healthy diet but who loves to cook tasty amazing foods. It talks about what a Smorgasbowl is and how to create a perfect one using the right flavours, ingredients and methods including things not to do too. The ingredients included can be found at most supermarkets which is great for anyone who hates having to hunt down obscure ingredients they won’t use again! This book is available on Amazon with prices from £11 depending on the format.

healthier comfort food book

From the makers of the Dairy Diary, we have a Healthier comfort food recipe book. A perfect gift for a foodie who tries to cook more healthy meals with the book also having advice on portion sizes. Each recipe includes tips, easy-to-follow instructions and space for notes too. The Healthier comfort foods recipe book is just £10.50 available directly from Dairy Diary. Recipe books are great gifts for foodies!

Hampers for foodies

Awesome coffee hamper

This coffee snacks hamper is a great gift for someone who is a big fan of coffee and chocolate and comes in a great basket they can keep too. For £64.50 the basket is packed full of goodies they will love and could also be given to a couple if you have two foodies to buy for! This is one of the amazing hampers available from The Awesome Hamper Company.

American hamper

American sweets are becoming more and more popular so if you are thinking of buying some for a gift this year then this hamper from the Sweet Hamper Company for £34.50 is perfect. Full of American goodies that they will love to try it comes in an easy box to gift-wrap!

Gifts for a keen cook or baker

Are you buying for someone who is a keen baker and enjoys baking cakes and biscuits and then decorating them beautifully? Why not buy them this professional quality set which includes a boxed icing set with cutters, a 12-hole tin and biscuit press and a 23cm cake tin for £49.99 which would be £67.97 if bought separately!

cook book stand

This gorgeous cookbook or tablet stand would look great in any kitchen and is perfect for a foodie who loves to cook and follow recipes and deserves a nice stylish cookbook holder instead of balancing it on the edge of the worktop! Made from Mango wood it is long-lasting and a great gift for £32.49 from Cook Serve Enjoy.

A calendar perfect for a keen baker is the Great British Bake off Calendar, it is a family organiser so there is plenty of space for everything! It is available from Danilo for just £10.99.

masterclass smartspace baking set with mixing bowls

Are you buying for someone who has recently got their own home or has mostly hand-me-down kitchen equipment? This set from Masterclass is perfect for a small home too. There is a set of 4 mixing bowls along with a seven-piece stacking non-stick bakeware set all for £59.99 but if bought separately would cost £99.98. Whilst it isn’t as cheap as some you may have seen, the quality is outstanding and will last them for years to come.

This set of wooden and slate serving boards is a perfect gift for someone who loves to entertain. The set would be £53.98 if bought separately but the set of both boards is £29.99 they would be great for sweet or savoury foods so perfect for any entertainer in your life.

Another gift perfect for a keen chef or someone who has recently got their own home is this Masterclass Crusty Bake set. It includes the above pizza tray and quiche tin and the below baking tray and loaf tin.

Designed perfectly with holes to allow perfect airflow it will ensure they cook the best foods with quality long-lasting cookware. This set if bought separately would be £70.95 but this set of four is on offer at £52.99. The range is guaranteed for 20 years so you are buying them a gift that lasts!

Gifts for eco-friendly cleaning

For a keen cook it is of course important to keep the kitchen clean so here are some gift ideas that may be suitable for someone who loves to keep a clean home and is trying to be more eco-friendly.

This Seep Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hamper is £50 and full of the most popular products from Seep. Seep is a top brand with eco-friendly, plastic-free cleaning products that are climate-neutral and made using materials such as bamboo, wood pulp and rubber, so all are sustainable. All items are also available from Amazon if you prefer to make up your own hamper, maybe put a bottle of wine in it too.

For a lower-cost bundle, how about the Secret Santa gift set above for £12 from Seep? Or buy products individually directly from Seep. Great gifts for foodies if you want to buy in advance and don’t want food which will go out of date!

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