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As moms, we all know that there’s never enough space in the kitchen. From cluttered counters to kids and pets underfoot, we are always faced with something to work around as we pack school lunches, after-school snacks and family dinners. This is why we should consider simple kitchen upgrades.

Getting some time to squeeze in our own meals can feel like a runner’s last stretch in the New York Marathon, but there is the sight of the finish line. These seven upgrades can make your kitchen more practical and flexible for the whole family.

Just be warned, cooking will be ten times better with these additions, so you might want to get those running shoes out to burn off all the extra calories you’ll be enjoying soon.


Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

While remodelling the kitchen is a great investment, it is also extremely expensive. Even if you have some savings put away, the cost of making over your kitchen typically lands somewhere in the $15,000 to $25,000 price range.

If you are serious about overhauling your home’s interior in the coming year, then some options like a home equity line of credit and a personal loan from a private lender are worth considering as a financing option. These can help you plot out big changes and make them when it’s most affordable for you.

Kitchen remodels are usually worth the cost, so long as you don’t overspend on non-essential cosmetic upgrades. Luckily, the suggestions in this list were chosen with function in mind. You’ll only find that they enhance your experience, though they do add an updated look to your design as well.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Recessed LED cabinet lights provide excellent illumination for all your cooking, baking and even crafting needs. Kitchens in our house tend to serve a lot of roles, so having lighting that can be adjusted easily to any scenario is a godsend. Under-cabinet lights can even be made with a smart LED, which allows you to adjust the hue and intensity from an app on your phone.

Anova precision cooker

Sous vide cooking is the use of an immersion circulator to heat and circulate water at a precise temperature. In the culinary setting, the sous vide cooker is clipped to a pot and partially inserted into the water, where the food therein is cooked in vacuum-sealed bags (“sous vide” is French for “under vacuum”). Check an Anova review for the pros and cons and more about how to use one!

Pullout Shelves

What’s one thing every mom always needs? More storage, of course. You don’t have to spend a fortune getting a pantry installed or shelves mounted. Instead, take advantage of the space you have by expanding its functionality. Pullout shelves, racks and rotating organizers are all perfect for tidying up and giving you an extra bit of room.

Laminate Countertops

You can resurface your existing kitchen counters with a wipeable, easy-to-clean surface like laminate. Laminate comes in all sorts of colour schemes and patterns, so it’s easy to match yours with your existing design. You can even redo the cabinets, finish with a new coat of paint and have an entirely different look in a single weekend.

A New Fridge

Is it time to update your refrigerator? The fridge is the centrepiece of any family-friendly kitchen, and it needs to have plenty of space and organization if it’s to do its job well. Modern models offer you greater storage options, such as a pull-out produce drawer or built-in door compartments. A French-door model is a major upgrade from the older vertical models. Instead of cramming everything into a box freezer, you’ll have half your unit dedicated to keeping your frozen goods preserved.

An Herb Garden

There are a few herbs and spices you should have on hand regularly for quick and easy meals. Create a hanging herb garden that not only helps you save money but also adds a beautiful touch of greenery to your space. The kids can also partake in assembling the planters, watering the seeds and snipping leaves to dry for your homemade seasonings. Both fresh and dried herbs that are homegrown add a wonderful touch to your recipes. There’s just something extra special about a meal made from ingredients you grew yourself.

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