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We all need a little (extended) time for rest and relaxation every now and again, and I would say a summer holiday is the perfect time of year for that! I look forward to a summer holiday every year, as it is the time to (hopefully) soak up the sun and make the most of the long, warm summer evenings. That being said, I have a very long wishlist for summer vacations abroad. 

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This villa in Cyprus looks stunning, doesn’t it?

Here are the top 5 places on my list, located in the European continent: 

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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and while it is an Italian region, there is unlike anywhere else in Sicily. On a visit here, I plan on trekking up Mount Etna with a picnic in my bag to enjoy with the views. Spending at least part of every day with a view of the sea if not on the seaside, visiting as many of the UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible (especially the Valley of the Temples!). Strolling through the promenade with a gelato in hand, and wandering my way through food markets and sampling local foods and wines. 

Sicilians are also known for being warm and friendly people, and the energy of locals can really add something special to a holiday. I’d also rent gorgeous accommodation– where you choose to stay on holiday can make a huge difference, and villas in Sicily are available at great prices.


The Blue Flag beaches are calling my name in Cyprus, officially the Republic of Cyprus. For those from the UK especially, this is a popular holiday destination with some gorgeous holiday villas to rent.

It is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean where the weather is gorgeous, you’ll find sandy coves and friendly locals. A trip here can be as laid back as you want it to be and as luxurious as you’d like it to be, and I love destinations where you have that option. 


Sardinia is popular for its white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and its natural, relaxing ambience. Sometimes, a holiday where you pack a couple of books and just spent time at the seaside is necessary – and Sardinia is the perfect destination for that.

This destination also has a luxurious something to it, which helps to ensure you are really in holiday mode so you can take full advantage of every moment. 

The French Riviera

The French Riviera, located in the south of France, is absolutely dreamy. It contains cities such as Nice and Cannes, villages, natural parks, and stunning landscapes along the shore.

The beaches and the French Riviera are full come summertime, so for a bit of a quieter visit, I’d love to visit early or late summer, when the water is still warm and there are fewer visitors.

You can visit one or a couple of the main cities and the villages in between by taking a bus or train and avoid renting a car. Or, it also makes for a great spot to ‘road trip’ along the coast.  


Santorini is the most famous island in Greece for vacations. It is a popular destination for honeymooners. Where the island is set, you are treated to gorgeous sunsets and unobstructed views of pristine beauty. Visiting Santorini is more expensive, so this would be the perfect ‘special occasion’ destination or one to book and visit in the off-season. 

Taking holidays is important in general to recharge, and when you can go with family and loved ones, the memories you’ll make while out of your day-to-day routine and environment will be ones you’ll have forever.

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