There are so many amazing Nintendo Switch fitness games to work out at home that I am sharing with you today. They really will get you moving in the comfort of your own home!

Playing the Nintendo Switch can be a great way to have fun and get fit at the same time. It is one of the most popular consoles currently on the market and it’s easy to see why. It’s suitable for all ages, the majority of games are multiplayer and you can play games on the go.

Many popular games on the Switch are fun to play and are a great way to have some much-needed me or family time. But did you know that there are many games that offer challenging physical activities that can help you stay fit and active too?

If you already have a Nintendo Switch or are considering buying one to use as part of your workout routine, I thoroughly recommend it as there are some great games available. 

Which Nintendo Switch should I buy for fitness?

There are a few different consoles available for the Nintendo Switch but the ones you need for fitness games in general are the ones with Joycons. These are the handheld controllers as you hold those whilst you play and get fit.

The Original Nintendo Switch is perfect for these games as it can be connected to the TV and it of course is perfect for lots of other games too. It is available both on its own and as part of bundles with games. The original Nintendo Switch can be connected to the TV or used as a handheld console so perfect for travelling.

The newer Nintendo Switch OLED Model is also suitable as it can be used on its own as well as connected to the TV. The main difference between this and the original Switch is the quality of the screen on the device itself. Again this is available as part of bundles with games as well as individually. Bundles can be a great way to add family games without too much additional cost and sometimes you can even get Limited edition consoles too.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, whilst being a great console does not work well with most fitness games due to it not connecting to the tv as such the screen is harder to see and also it doesn’t have the Joycons to record what you do as you move around. It is still a great console for other games just not good for the fitness ones.

Are Nintendo Switch fitness games family-friendly and fun?

From the intense workout of Ring Fit Adventure to the more casual fitness activities in Switch Sports, there are plenty of options for getting a good workout while still having fun.

You can also use the Switch to practice yoga, dance, or even take part in a virtual fitness class. With so many different ways to exercise, it’s easy to find something that suits your skill level and interests.

Not only can playing the Switch be a great way to stay in shape, but it can also be a great way to bond with friends and family. Whether you’re playing together in the same room or competing against each other online, it’s a great way to stay connected and have a good time.

The best Nintendo Switch Fitness games 2023

Here are 10 top games on the Nintendo Switch that can help you to get a great workout 

Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure was a new, never seen or played before fitness video game when it was launched. It’s an adventure game that’s designed to keep you moving and it is a lot of fun. 

Players exercise their way through a fantasy adventure world to defeat a bodybuilding dragon and his minions. During your adventures, you’ll be jogging on the spot, traversing canyons doing squats, completing overhead shoulder presses to attack enemies, and striking some yoga poses to refill your health meter plus much more.

To be able to play Ring Fit Adventures you need to use the provided Ring-Con and Leg-Strap. There are two modes of play – adventure mode and free play mode where you can replay mini-games, challenges, levels, refight bosses or take part in exercise routines to your liking.

In Adventure mode, you will defeat enemies with attacks based on over 60 real-world exercises as you travel through more than 100 levels in over 20 worlds. As you work through each level, you’ll earn experience points and collect ingredients to craft health-restoring smoothies.

Family Trainer

Family Trainer was a popular title on the Nintendo Wii and now it’s back on the Nintendo Switch! This game is suitable for players aged 3 and over. Players can get active by jumping, running, squatting, and stomping their way through a variety of minigames.

The game offers a dozen unique mini-games to explore – from river-crafting to mine-cart racing, jumping over falling tree trunks and keeping your balance on a skateboard. You can play solo or with a friend – whether you take on the challenges together or compete against each other the choice is yours. 

From Kayaking to obstacle-filled races, you will engage in real-life exercises to complete a variety of fun mini-games. You can improve your teamwork skills and your hand-eye coordination using the Nintendo Joy-Con and included leg strap (for the multiplayer mode you will each need a set of Joy-Cons and leg band – two are provided in the box).

You can play over a dozen single and multiplayer challenges including jumping logs, steering a mine cart and skateboarding to name but a few. All the challenges are easy-to-pick-up and have different difficulty levels that anyone can enjoy. 

Nintendo Switch Sports

If you had a Nintendo Wii console you probably had Wii Sports and/or Wii Sports Resort. The games provide hours of fun and Switch Sports is as fun if not slightly better in my opinion. You can play Football, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, Golf and Chambara using your Joy-Con controllers!

With controlled motions, you can curve your bowling ball, add spin to a tennis shot, or even use a Joy-Con with the included Leg Strap accessory to kick the ball in a football shoot-out.

Family and friends can join in on the fun on the same system or online (to play online you do need a Nintendo Switch Online Membership).

You can even challenge people around the world if you fancy a change from playing against your family and friends.

You can buy additional accessories to aid your gameplay – some people find that having a faux tennis racket, sword or golf club helps with their accuracy within the game. 

Fitness Boxing

Fitness Boxing gives you a cardio workout at home or on the go. You can choose the time of your workout time from 15 minutes to an hour so even if you’re short on time you can still fit your workout in.

You will be working out to numerous songs from Lady Gaga to Aqua, LMFAO to The Nolans. Some of the songs are locked but as you progress or complete more daily workouts you will unlock more songs that can be used in your workouts.

You can work out cooperatively with or against friends and family in 2-player local mode with two Sets of Joy-Con Controllers.

You can keep track of your progress by estimating your BMI and  the calories burned to help encourage healthy habits

Fitness Boxing II: Rhythm and Exercise

Due to the success of Fitness Boxing, Fitness Boxing II was released two years later. It was a massive improvement from its predecessor in that you could turn off certain moves if you didn’t want them included in your workouts.

If you have already played and used Fitness Boxing your saved information is transferred over which is great for those tracking their progress.

As with the other game you can complete a daily workout from one of three settings, light, normal and intense and there is a range of songs from YMCA to Girls Just Want to Have Fun that you will work out to. The more you complete the more songs you unlock. 

Just Dance 2023

There are numerous versions of Just Dance and all are as fun as each other. Whether you go for the newest version Just Dance 2023 or an older one you are sure to have tons of fun. Dance on your own or grab a friend and dance it out.

Although not a fitness game specifically you’re sure to work up a sweat. New for the 2023 version you can play Just Dance with whoever you want, wherever they are by hosting a private group and inviting up to five other players from your friends list to join and play like you’re all in the same living room.

The game comes with a few songs but if you want to get the most out of Just Dance there is a subscription service that gives you access to more songs on demand.

If you haven’t got them already you might want to consider wrist straps so you don’t accidentally fling your Joycons at the TV mid-dance!

Zumba Burn It Up

If Zumba is your thing then Zumba Burn It Up is the game for you. You can get your fix of Zumba anytime, anywhere with high-energy routines and hip-shaking jams including chart-topping hits and Zumba originals.

Joy-con controllers are required to track your movements and reward you for dancing with energy and flair. This game features over 30 songs including “I like it” (Card I b, bad Bunny & J balvin) and “level up” (Ciara) plus Zumba original tracks that are guaranteed to get you moving.

You can choose your dance style, and pick the intensity of your workout with a choice of new routines and classic dance styles from around the world. You can play with up to 4 players so they too can join the fun!

Knockout Home Fitness

Knock Out Home Fitness gives you a Martial Arts workout at home with intense, calorie-burning exercises based on boxing, karate, kung-fu, and Muay Thai.

You can choose from four personal trainers who range from friendly to strict and will guide you through personalised workout programs, designed to help you meet your individual goals.

Daily workouts can be completed in just 15 minutes and there are modes to match any lifestyle or schedule. Your workout is tailored to you in personal training mode, or you can select specific high-intensity workouts in the 3-Minute Fitness Mode.

No matter the mode you choose, every rep is tracked and counts towards your goals in the game’s inbuilt reporting mode, ‘My Report’. Motivate yourself to move with over 25 diverse music tracks, spanning genres such as Techno, Trance, Rock and Hip Hop. 

Let’s Get Fit

Like many of the games, already mentioned Let’s Get Fit is designed to help you get in shape by following pre-made workout programs using a Joy-Con and Leg-Strap.

From soft gymnastics to high-intensity exercises there’s something for everyone. You can keep track of your progress with the in-game calendar.

There are over 100 fitness moves available to enable you to complete challenges and set up custom workout routines that are tailored to your personal needs.

Fitness Circuit

Fitness Circuit is ready to preorder now and will be released in May 2023. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. This video game is aimed at players who want to add exercise to their daily routine at home.

Take part in Super Circuit Training for 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week! This type of training is designed to be high-intensity, so you won’t need to play every day.

You can work out anytime, anywhere and other than a little space to move and your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con​​ you don’t need extra equipment.

Fitness Circuit will support a 4-player online multiplayer so you will be able to play and compete with your friends to make the most of your workout.

So if you’re looking for a way to have fun with family and friends, stay fit and have fun simultaneously, the Switch is definitely worth checking out.

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