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I have moved house on numerous occasions and always on a budget. Only once have I actually used a removals company. Most times I have packed everything myself and hired a van! Here are my top tips for moving house on a budget for families. Get your budget planner out and see what savings you can make.

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Packing on a budget

Getting everything packed is quite a task isn’t it. If you don’t want to pay for packing materials and do not get enough boxes from nearby shops then another tip is to use all the reusable shopping bags you inevitably have. They are really strong and with handles mean they can be easily moved but not easily stacked.

Another thing to utilise is your towels and bedding. Wrapping these around mirrors or pictures is much more eco-friendly than bubble wrap and won’t cost you a penny!

Kids’ teddies can be great to pack around ornaments in a push too, especially ones which are not too breakable but need a little cushioning. A budget house move is much easier if you think of everything you already have that can be of use somehow!

Be sure to get rid of what you can before you move, no point in moving rubbish is there? Book waste removal in advance with a company like Litta to get the best prices or look at getting a skip.

Check out house clearance companies to see if someone will clear all your stuff for you! It is easy to find one near you just search house clearance in London for example and find one with good reviews.

If you are lucky enough to be emigrating or moving a long distance and want to take your car remember to consider the best way to move that. Companies like CarsRelo can do it all for you.

Budget house move transport

The best way I have found is by moving the things you can by car, especially the delicate things and unpacking them at the other end. This way you can reuse the boxes or bags.

Items like televisions or computers are much better taken by car than a van if you are doing it yourself. Obviously, with a removal company, they are usually covered for any breakages but when doing it yourself a car is always best for these items.

Find the best value van hire you can if you are planning a budget house move. Sometimes companies do a cheaper option if you have it over an evening to return for the next day. It is well worth investigating their different options.

To find the best van hire near you call around lots to ask their prices. A quick internet search of van hire and your area should make this easy. For example, van hire Wigan or van hire Nottingham. It is also worth checking out car hire companies as they may not focus on vans and come up with a search but still do it.

Moving over your utilities

To avoid paying any extra on your bills ensure you contact your suppliers as soon as possible after the move. On move day take meter readings and photos of the readings on your meter. This way even if you lose the piece of paper in the move you have a record of them on your phone which you are less likely to lose!

Post redirection is not always necessary. When planning a house move try to think about what mail you get and if you can change to paperless billing before the move. This would reduce waste and prevent any lost mail whilst also saving the redirection fee!

If you don’t like the carpets in your new house or worse still don’t have any flooring then a rug can make your house a home easily until you decide what you want.

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