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Facial exercises have long been the subject of many debates, but do they really work? While not all facial exercises will work for some people – for example, pulling on your cheeks isn’t going to give you an instant facelift – there are plenty of exercises that you can use for sculpting your facial features and improve skin tightness and muscle definition. Here are some simple yet effective facial exercises that are likely to help you achieve the results you want if you do them regularly.

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Brow Raising

Brow raising will help to perk up your eyebrows and stop them from sagging. There are many factors that can lead to brows dropping such as aging and facial expressions, but the good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to keep them in place. Put your middle and index finger together and place your fingers just above your eyebrow, pushing the skin down. Move your brows up and down and add tension with your fingers. 

Cheekbone Lift

You can achieve a sharper definition on your cheekbones with some simple facial exercises. Join your middle and index fingers and place them over each cheekbone, before lifting the skin up gently until you feel a little tightness. Then, open your mouth to form an oval ‘O’ shape to create some resistance in your cheek muscles. Hold this for five seconds. 

Cheek Plumping

Supple, plump skin is the best way to get some youthful charm in your face. While you can get great results from moisturizers, toners and other skincare products, there’s also a facial exercise that you can try to plump out your cheeks. Start by smiling as widely as possible, and press down on the folds between your nose and lips using your fingertips. Then, continue pressing down to build resistance while you lift up your cheek muscles. Do this for two to three minutes at a time and take breaks in between. 

Tongue Exercises

Bad jaw posture can lead to a lot of facial problems, and a technique called mewing may help reshape your face. It involves moving your tongue to the roof of your mouth and applying some light tension until you feel some pressure in your jaw. Make sure that you are not blocking your airways with your tongue and hold it whenever you can to keep your jaw positioned correctly. 

Wink and Hold

The wink and hold technique is excellent for preventing fine lines and wrinkles in the region under your eyes. Don’t worry if you struggle to wink, since all you need to do is partially close your eyes. Hold a partial wink for one second and ensure that you are tightening all the muscles around your winking eye before releasing it slowly. Repeat around 20-25 times per day. This will help with sculpting your facial features too.

Eye Toning

Drooping eyelids can leave us feeling self-conscious, but the good news is that you don’t have to have Botox to improve them. You can use eye toning exercises to help uplift your eyes along with preventing crow’s feet and puffy or baggy eyes. Place your index and middle fingers in a ‘V’ shape on your eyes before pressing and holding down both middle fingers at the inner corner of your eyebrows. Apply pressure on the outer edges of your eyebrows using your index fingers. Look up towards the ceiling and raise your lower eyelids upwards to squint as strongly as possible before relaxing. Repeat six times and finally end with squeezing your eyes shut as tightly as possible and holding for ten seconds. 

Forehead Stretching

The forehead is often one of the first places where wrinkles will appear on the face, often due to stress and the facial expressions that come with it. The good news is that one simple exercise can help you prevent forehead wrinkles and you can do it almost anywhere. Keeping a surprised face by widening your eyes and lifting your brows will help to smoothen out wrinkles and fine lines from your forehead. Do it about eight to ten times per day for the best results. 

Botox and other cosmetic surgeries aren’t the only options for sculpting your facial features. Try these facial exercises out for great results on the various areas of your face.

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