Let’s talk about perfume today as I review the Pairfum London experience box. It is something that is personal to you and feels luxurious to wear. It brings memories back and makes you smile. Even now, Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden makes me smile because it was the first perfume that I bought myself.

I remember going to a perfume counter years ago and smelling the different perfumes and knowing that Sunflowers was the one for me. These days, it isn’t. But I will always have fond memories of it. So even if I smell something similar, it takes me back to that moment.

Because it reminds us of moments in the past, it takes us from the moment that we are living and we escape to fun times. We all need time to escape our life, and perfume works to do that. perfumes take you to a place in your head that is calm and serene.

When we do surround ourselves with perfume or smell that we adore, it wraps us in a protective loving bubble and it helps to minimise the stresses of life that affect us all.

Did You Know Perfume Is Sensual?

We all have pheromones, and these hormones are triggered by perfume and you want to be with the person wearing the perfume. So basically perfume can make you wanted by someone who finds you sexy and you smell gorgeous too.

Because the perfume is attracting a partner, it makes you feel confident and attractive. Your self-esteem grows and your sexual appetite is triggered. Spray perfume on the back of your neck, so as he kisses it, he will be driven wild by the smell.

Of course, if your perfume reminds you of his mum or grandma, he is not going to find it sexy or sensual at all.

Being Different And Individual

We love to wear perfume because it shows off our individuality. There are so many different perfumes out in the world, so you can always find a perfume that not so many other people wear.

That might be due to the price of it or it is difficult to get hold of. If there is a perfume for £10 in your local drug store, everyone will have it and you will all seem to smell similar.

If you want to smell like a pomegranate or a rose, then do it. This is you and you know which perfume is for you. When we feel individual and different, it makes us feel confident.


As I said earlier in the blog post, perfume reminds us of special moments. It is like when you pass a cake shop and smell the bread and cakes baking, it might take you back to sitting in your grandma’s kitchen.

Perfume does the same thing to you. So if your grandma baked a chocolate cake for your or raspberry tart. Perfumes with a raspberry or chocolate as one of their notes are likely to draw your attention.

It makes you smile, it reminds you of special times and it reminds you of positivity. If you love the smell of snow on a Christmas tree, you could probably get perfume for that too.

Most perfumes have vanilla as their base layer, this reminds you of being a mum. It reminds you of undeniable, unbreakable love. Connecting memories to perfumes make us feel so good.

To Cover Bad Smells

Okay, we have all done it. Got home from work, had time to quickly get changed and go straight back out. This is where perfume comes in handy. You can get changed and have a quick spritz before you go out again. Who will ever know?

But It Can Be Expensive, So Try An Experience Box

Perfumes can be expensive to buy and if you make the mistake of buying a bottle and it isn’t what you expected, you lose a lot of money. You can buy perfume experience boxes, where you get sample bottles of perfume and you get to try them out before you buy a huge full price bottle.

One mistake that people make is that they buy a perfume because they like the smell as soon as it sprays. The problem is there are 3 stages of perfume. You get the first smell, which lasts about 15 minutes.

The second part of the perfume is the heart. That lasts about an hour. Then the third part is the true scent of a perfume, that lasts for several hours. That is the smell that you want to like.

Pairfum Experience Box

Having an experience box means you can sit in your own home or with friends and experience different scents, following the three stages of it. Then you can really decide which perfume you like. The Pairfum London Experience box comes with 12 different perfumes and 50 perfume tester cards.

The tester cards are great for spraying on before you spray your body. The Pairfum experience set also means you do not have to go to the shop and use their testers. It is difficult to try perfume in a shop if you have a face mask on.

This is also a perfect gift for someone who cannot get out to the shops due to isolating because of the pandemic but still wants to feel good about themselves.

There are 12 different fragrances on the Pairfum London Experience box. Which one do you think will be your favourite?

  • Bergamot, Basil & Patchouli
  • Black Cherry & Oolong Tea
  • Cardamom, Tonka & White Oud
  • Ginger, Elemi & Vetiver
  • Grapefruit, Pepper & Black Cedar
  • Mandarin Blossom & Sandalwood
  • Neroli, Musk, Orange Blossom
  • Pink Rose & Sensuous Musk
  • Scarlet Rhubarb & Oakmoss
  • Sea Salt, Sage & Amber
  • Spiced Coffee & Oaked Vanilla
  • Spiced Rum, Lime & Guaiac Wood

Do You Know About Layering?

When you have an experience box like this, you can practice layering perfumes. This is where you wear two different perfumes on top of each other, creating a completely different smell.

Spray one perfume and then spray a second one. Practice on some tester cards first. Then if you go ahead to buy full-size bottles, you can buy two bottles but get three different smells if you are successful at layering.

My overall thoughts of the Pairfum London experience box

I have never really noticed which scents I prefer other than their commercial names so it is nice to actually try out different scents and discover which I enjoy.

So many perfumes are overpriced as they are endorsed by celebrities but actually have similar scents to others. This is a perfect way for me to really work out what I love and play around with different combinations without spending a fortune on big perfume bottles.

I have a tendency to buy perfumes I like in the shops then change my mind the next time I wear them so this is perfect for someone like me to try them in my own time!

Do you fancy trying the Pairfum London Experience box? It is £30 and when you choose a perfume from it to buy a full-size bottle then they take off the cost of the experience box for you! This is a great way of spending less overall and getting something you truly love.

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