September brings a whole new changing season for us to look forward to. But as the seasons change, so do our perfume smells. So now is the best time to go out there and find a new perfume that is going to take you through autumn and winter. I wanted to bring you some tips and advice on how to choose the right perfume.

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Choosing perfume for yourself or as a gift

Perfume is a very personal thing and it might bring back memories of your childhood if it has a note of vanilla. Or it might remind you of a perfume that your mother or grandmother wore. Whatever the reason for wanting a new perfume, it will make you feel special when you wear it.

Fragrance Families

If you like sweet perfume, then you need to look at the Gourmand family of perfumes. These smells will include chocolate, candyfloss, bubblegum, almonds and toffee. These are great for the summer when you are more carefree and a lot of teenagers like sweet perfumes (a little tip for Christmas ideas).

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If you are looking for a fruity smell, then you need the floral family. This is the most popular of the fragrance families and it doesn’t mean the old-fashioned smell of rose or lavender water. The perfumes will have ingredients of jasmine, peony, gardenia, tuberose, lily of the valley, magnolia and mimosa. When oriental flowers are added to perfume and it becomes a floriental perfume. These additional ingredients will be gardenia, freesia as well as woods and spices. An example of a floral perfume is Dior J’adore, with its notes of roses, Ylang Ylang and jasmine.

Perfumes from the Fresh family are the perfect smell if you like clean smells. They have ingredients of lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit and mandarin. So they give a citrus smell that is light and uplifting to wear. These are a great choice if you find some perfumes overpowering as they are more subtle. One example of a fresh perfume is CK One, which is a unisex fragrance for men and women.

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The most popular fragrance family for men is the Woody family. It is a sexy fragrance on men and ingredients include sandalwood, cedar, guaiac wood and oud as well as leaves of patchouli and vetiver. Sometimes spices are added to change the smell as well as fruit notes to add freshness to the smell. One such fragrance for men is Dior Sauvage, which combines fresh, spice and woody ingredients.

If you are looking for something with spices, musk, incense and resins. You would look for a perfume from the oriental family. When ingredients like heliotrope, sandalwood, coumarin, orris, vanilla and gum resins are added they can be tweaked for both men’s and women’s perfumes. These ingredients are known for sensuality and warmth, so ideal to wear on a night out with your partner. Black Opium is a good oriental perfume to wear.

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Tips On Buying And Wearing The Right perfume

It is so exciting when you buy a bottle of perfume for yourself or as a gift. But you also need to think about whether it is the right perfume when you buy it. Take time to take in the smell. A fragrance has many different layers of ingredients, so you should never buy a perfume just after a quick spray. When you first spray perfume, you will get the top layer, this smell lasts for about 20 minutes. This isn’t the smell that the perfume will stay on your skin. So if you buy a perfume just after the first spray, then you will find it smells different later on in the day. It could be a smell that you decide you don’t like.

Layer your perfume. This is so easy to do if you buy the shower gel and body lotion to go with the perfume. Shower using the shower gel to get the perfume all over your skin and help it soak in. Then after you have dried, apply the body lotion to your body. Then spray your perfume where you want it to go, behind the ears, back of your neck, on your wrists.

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If your friend has a fragrance that you like, don’t rush out to buy it. This perfume will react with her skin differently to yours. Try the perfume on your skin and leave it to settle. Try not to be disappointed if it doesn’t smell the same on your skin.

When you choose the right perfume, it makes you feel so much better. It helps with your mental health if you are feeling fed up. If you are having a bad day, pop some of your favourite perfume on and you will feel sexy, confident and happy. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself

Let me know your favourite perfume in the comments.

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