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Do you ever sit working and think about holidays? I frequently do because, let’s face it, holidays are good and the weather in the UK is generally pretty rubbish! Today whilst I am procrastinating I am sharing with you my dream holidays for 2022 and where I would like to save to go next year.

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A travelling holiday

I would absolutely love to go travelling and really experience other cultures. One of the places I would love to visit is India, the whole way of life there seems so different and I would love to try some of the authentic food and see that area of the world.

Another place I would love to visit during a big travelling holiday would be Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand, particularly around Christmas. I just love the idea of Christmas being warm!

To be honest there are so many places that would be amazing to visit, travelling to the areas that are not tourist based that I could spend the whole of 2022 travelling (if I had the money!)

A cruise holiday

I get really seasick but I am keen to get help with this and would love to try a cruise holiday. Not just a little cruise but a round-the-world kind of cruise where you get to visit so many different places all on open holiday whilst having the base of an amazing room on a cruise ship.

Also, I love the idea of cruise dinners and getting all dressed up. Have you seen the Ambassador Cruise Line, doesn’t it just look amazing? It would be such an amazing holiday!

Dream holidays in the UK

I know that thinking about dream holidays in the UK sound almost like a contradiction in terms. I guess in many ways you are right but I would absolutely love to have a castle or stately home holiday with so much space and living the sort of life of someone rich would.

Also, something I would love would is to holiday in all those unusual places you see, lighthouses, treehouses and such. Whilst they are available elsewhere there would also be something special about having a holiday like that in the UK.

Dream holidays in the USA

There are so many amazing areas of the USA I would love to visit but driving across America is definitely one of those dreams. Have you done that before? Could you imagine that kind of holiday being on your holiday bucket list?

I definitely think it would be one of my priorities. Alongside spending lots of time over there to see the different states and how life is different in different areas. I do wonder whether it would be different seeing it as a tourist though but I would love to try and see the real towns and cities as if I lived there.

Where would your dream holiday be? Would you like to hire a campervan or boat and travel or fly somewhere afar? Do comment and let me know below! I might ring a Psychic and see if I will come into enough money for a dream holiday!

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Jen! Around-the-world cruise is a wonderful idea! I will definitely add that to my bucket list.