There are so many healthy mind tips for a healthy body online but I feel these are unique. As someone who has been both a size 30 and a size 6 and various places in between over the last 8 years I feel I talk about this with huge experience.

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Why do we overeat?

Some of it is greed, some of it is emotional and some of it is boredom. However, if our mind is in the right place then our body will get there too.

Do you eat out of habit? Trying mindful eating could make all the difference.

Healthy mind for a healthy body tips

If you have had a bad day at work what do you want to do? Is your first thought to run a nice relaxing bath or to grab a glass of wine and a bar of chocolate?

Do you look in the mirror and just hate what you see? Do you ever feel happy and positive and love yourself?

Hopefully, these tips will start you in the right direction.

Give yourself an extra 5 minutes in the morning to get ready and do something that makes you feel a bit better about your appearance whether that be applying lipstick, using hair products or putting on some perfume.

Read your last few text messages or social media messages and accept that these people do care about you and that you are liked.

Spend a couple of minutes of the day on your own singing along to your favourite song. Put your heart into it and if you can (ie. you’re not driving!), dance along too.

Plan your support network. If you are trying to get a healthier body you will inevitably have down days so you need to know who you can call on instead of food.

Accept your body isn’t how you would like it but find a bit of it that you do like and focus your attention on that. For example, if you like your eyes then every time you look in the mirror make sure you look at your eyes and smile.

These little tips should help you get in the right place mentally to adapt to losing weight or becoming more healthy.

Of course, if you have underlying issues such as depression never stop taking the medication without speaking to your doctor and always put your health first.

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