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Clean indoor air quality has more of an impact on our overall health and wellbeing than most of us would assume. Although considering just how much time we tend to spend indoors in general, it makes perfect sense why improving indoor air quality is exceptionally pressing. 

What’s more, due to the increasing concern about the state of the environment and global pollution levels, the air quality in your home is even more critical. 

Fortunately, there are several practical approaches to increasing indoor air quality, ranging from bringing nature in and keeping your home clean to using an extractor fan. That said, a portable UV air purifier is also a suitable solution. 

And if you’re wondering what kind of benefits-improved air quality will provide you, we’ve listed five of the most notable health advantages.

Easier Breathing with clean indoor air

Breathing is mostly an unconscious action, and unfortunately, breathing can gradually become more of a conscious battle if the air quality in your home is lower than ideal. 

Having to survive on shallow breaths will inevitably put a lot of strain on your body, more specifically, your lungs and your heart. This impact can make climbing a flight of stairs a physically taxing task. 

Improved Sleep Quality

There are tons of unfortunate consequences of insufficient sleep quality, from dulled reflexes and reduced mental alertness to potential weight changes and the development of skin conditions. 

Because our respiratory pattern alters during sleep, air quality will naturally impact your rest. If you are breathing in low-quality air that is packed with allergens, dust, and pollution, you will probably be tossing and turning, battling to get a good night’s rest.

Remove Allergens

Roughly 10-30% of the population suffers from hay fever, which is allergic rhinitis. The symptoms of this include sneezing, congestion, eye irritation, and an itchy throat. Because allergens in the air cause hay fever, removing things like dust, animal dander, pollen, and mould spores is pretty essential. 

Enhancing clean indoor air quality with purification devices will eliminate allergens from the air, reducing the development of allergic rhinitis, and decreasing the symptoms of hay fever flare-ups at the very least. 

Eliminate Odours

Even though most of us don’t think that foul odours can impact health, they can negatively affect your mental wellbeing by decreasing your mood. And even more so if the foul odours are constant. 

Improving clean indoor air quality by bringing nature in and using scents in your living space such as chamomile, citrus, and others will influence your mood positively. 

Balance Humidity

Ideal indoor air quality also brings humidity balance; the two go hand in hand. If your home is generally too humid, you will unknowingly promote mould growth through constant moisture in the air. Mould spores can be damaging to health, which is why keeping your home mould-free is vital. 

It is imperative to prioritize the importance of ideal air quality. The benefits mentioned above are essential to maintaining good overall health; just as there are benefits of clean indoor air, the disadvantages of poor air quality stress the importance even more. 

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