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I love jewellery and don’t wear it on a day to day basis but when I do it really makes me feel special. The jewellery in my eyes does not have to be expensive or full of diamonds just something I like. I generally prefer something a bit different or personalised in some way and recently got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas. I might ask for something antique for mother’s day.

Close up of Art Deco ruby and diamond ring
Beautiful antique ring

Choosing antique jewellery

I love antique jewellery as it is unique and you are much more likely to be wearing something so different from your friends. The above ring is available from Carus Jewellery who are specialists in antique jewellery.

With different styles and really classical looks, you are sure to get something special. I absolutely love things like this Edwardian glass locket. How many photos or locks of hair have been kept in there over the years. The history of these things fascinates me and knowing you are continuing its story is amazing. Do you agree?

A pocket watch on a wooden background
Vintage pocket watch

Jewellery that makes you feel good

Every day when you look at your jewellery it needs to make you smile. It is completely irrelevant what other people think about your style. If you are wearing something you truly love then you feel amazing.

Do you feel good when you have the same necklace or bracelet as a friend at a party? Whilst charm bracelets are unique they still inherently look the same, don’t they. In the same way as arriving to an event wearing the same dress as someone wearing the same jewellery makes you feel rubbish. The chances of this is extremely limited with antique jewellery.

Hands with nail polishes surrounding them on purple background

Sustainability in jewellery

Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint and limit waste to help the environment? There are so many eco-friendly items available now from sanitary towels to reusable drinks bottles but of course, jewellery lasts forever anyway doesn’t it?

Instead of always buying new it is so much better for the environment to buy antique jewellery. Whether you choose something a little retro to go with a 70’s outfit for a party or Victorian styles for everyday wear it is sure to be better than buying new.

All these lovely antique jewellery items can be saved from landfill by being worn and enjoyed for years to come. If you do not like them the way they are now then how about restyling them slightly? Would the ring you have found and fallen in love with be nice on a chain if it does not fit you?

A good jeweller can remodel or resize most items so you can give more life to beautiful pieces worn by your ancestors. It does not even matter if you imagine the story behind the jewellery instead of knowing it. A bit of research can tell you the kind of person who would have worn it. An example of this here on Wikipedia is that snakes in Victorian times were used to denote eternal love. I would never have known that, would you?

Pinterest pin of ruby and diamond ring

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