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With increased talks of global warming and various other effects on the environment, it is no wonder that many families are working to reduce their carbon footprint, while also making significant savings in the process.

If you’re looking to make your household more environmentally-friendly, then you should try out the following suggestions, which can help transform your lifestyle and prevent damage to the earth.

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Hi-tech eco-friendly home

If you find that your electric bills are significantly high, it is most probably due to the overuse of your lights. This is because many people simply forget to turn off their lights, which is not only expensive but also harms the environment. To solve this issue, you should install smart lighting fixtures such as wireless lightbulbs or automated lighting which only turn on when someone enters the room. This will allow you to save a significant amount of electricity, which is why many property experts like RW Invest back developments with smart lighting features.

Heating bills are also another massive cost that many households face and are usually the most expensive outgoings for families throughout the UK. To reduce your energy usage, you should invest in a remote-controlled heating system, which will allow you to monitor your usage and reduce it significantly.

Proper insulation

Another way to improve your household’s energy-efficiency is to update or replace your insulation. This includes checking your walls, floor, and ceilings to ensure that it is properly insulated and if not, you should definitely consider investing in new insulation.

This can help to dramatically reduce your energy usage, as having a well-insulated property prevents heat loss and also stops the cold from getting in. Therefore you’re less likely to put your heating on, as your house will be much warmer. It will also prevent any damage caused by damp or leaks, which will ultimately save you a significant amount.

Avoid hazardous chemicals

One of the most damaging substances that affect the planet are chemicals used within the home. This includes many cleaning products, which produce extremely harmful gases into the atmosphere. This not only causes harm to the planet but can also be toxic to your family, especially children. To resolve this, you should switch to eco-friendly cleaning products, which do the exact job without the risk.

Another hazardous chemical that you may not have considered is paint. Although not all forms of paint are toxic, some contain high levels of volatile organic compounds, which can be dangerous if this type of paint is used frequently. These chemicals are also extremely damaging to the planet, so it is best to avoid them. Instead, you should opt for paint alternatives with much lower levels of these chemicals, or if possible seek out paint that does not contain any toxicity.

Recycled eco-friendly furniture

If you want to transform your house into an eco-friendly living space, you should consider purchasing recycled furniture, which uses renewable materials and zero chemicals. Many eco-friendly furniture companies are now producing both contemporary and traditional styles to encourage everyone to invest in eco-safe furniture.

If you have a fireplace, you consider replacing your fire logs with earth-friendly wood which consists of renewable materials. This will allow your fire to last longer while also preventing carbon monoxide and tar entering your home and the atmosphere.

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