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Hygge is a Scandinavian design concept that brings together cosy, comfortable, warm colours and textures into one room, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being wrapped up and kept safe at all times.

This is what hygge is all about; when you have this design trend in your home, and in particular in your bedroom, no matter what else is going on in the world and outside those four stunningly designed walls, you’ll have a sanctuary to go to. 

It’s no wonder, then, that hygge is a growing trend and one that many people are taking to their hearts. So just how can you make your bedroom more hygge?

It’s a simple task once you understand the concept. If you need to cover a large area look for the best area rugs to get the look easily.

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Get The Right Bed 

Whatever design trend you decide to follow in your bedroom, the bed has to be a part of it. This one piece of furniture really is the star in this room, so it should be an integral part of the design.

If it isn’t, it will look out of place and ruin the look of the rest of the room even if you do it very well. 

To make your bed a more hygge-worthy piece of furniture, you should try to find one with a large headboard or add a headboard if you already have a bed in place.

This headboard should be a button-style velvet one, in a burnt orange or dark purple shade. The bed lined itself should be white to contrast with this, although adding autumn-hued throws and pillows will enhance the feeling of cosiness.

The bed itself will need to be made of wood because metal is just too stark to work with hygge ideas. 

Dark Walls 

Although it might feel as though you’re going against every other design trend you’ve heard of, the ones that tell you that you need to keep the walls light and bright so that your rooms feel bigger, the truth is with hygge that is not what you want at all.

You’ll want darker shades on the walls, mirroring those you are using on your bed. This can be done in either paint or wallpaper, depending on your preference. 

If the room is a small space, you can lighten things up a little by using grey in your colour scheme.

This will offer you the hygge look without making the room feel too enclosed, and there are plenty of complimentary colours for grey bedrooms when it comes to your furniture or window hangings that will finish the look off perfectly.

Grey and yellow wallpaper if a great in-between if you want to have a lighter wall.

Soft Lighting 

The last thing you want to do when you’ve spent time, effort, and money in getting your bedroom into the perfect hygge state is to ruin that look with harsh lighting that is too bright for the design concept you want. 

This is why you should have soft lighting in your hygge bedroom. Rather than having one main light, think about installing sidelights instead.

A bedside lamp will finish the look. Candles look amazing when it comes to hygge, but they can be dangerous. Luckily you can buy imitation candles that look like the real thing but have no naked flame, making them much safer.

Why not also add a cosy space in your child’s bedroom so they can relax and recharge in peace?

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