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Now Christmas is over and New Year is well underway we are all starting to think more about our summer holidays. It is easy to think that it is months away but it soon creeps up on you!

Here are a few things I suggest you can do to prepare for your summer holiday body without too much stress!

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While we still have jumper weather it is perfect to try out different fake tans. See what lasts well and suits you. We all know that sunbeds can cause skin cancer so looking at fake tan creams, mousses and spray tans are perfect.

Everyone is different though so practise makes perfect, trial different colours if you need to. This way you will feel more confident when the summer comes if you want a little more colour to your skin.

Hair removal

I love the winter as I can hide unshaven legs under leggings and no one needs to know. Stuart of course knows but he tolerates it reasonably well!

If you are thinking of trying waxing, laser hair removal or something else then now is the time to give it a go. This way if you have any reaction to it you won’t be about to go on holiday!

Additionally it is perfect to get to know how long the hair removal lasts for you. Just pop online and search for example laser hair removal in Essex and find your nearest reputable salon.

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Laser hair removal on ladies legs

Weight loss for a summer body

There are still a good 6/7 months until you may be going on holiday so weight loss does not need to be left until the last minute. If you would like to lose a few pounds or even a few stone then get started now. This way you will have less to lose a week on average and it will much easier to stick to.

Remember to choose a weight loss plan that suits your lifestyle. Some are perfect for those who have a large appetite and you are much more likely to succeed if it suits you. A diet with just a shake for a meal will be difficult if you are used to big meals. By starting a diet like this you will be destined to fail.

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