Ben is doing really well on his Slimming World Journey and wanted to share some news of a certificate he got today! Watch the following video on YouTube of Ben’s Slimming World journey to find out how he is doing! I am so proud of him! He would love any nice comments too!

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I also have a lot of content about encouraging kids to be healthy and the different things you can do. It is important to not be focussed on weight for children but instead to focus on health and positive changes.

Ensuring that you avoid making a child feel bad about their weight can reduce the chances of them developing eating disorders and becoming obsessed about their weight and clothes size.

Did you know that the meals on my website perfect for weight loss are also great for kids? There is no reason that a child or teenager needs to eat junk food like chicken nuggets you can feel them healthy tasty food at the same time as you.

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Kids at Slimming World - Ben's progress video

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