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Do you still send Christmas cards or hand them out to people you know? It seems like a bit of a dying art with many people not knowing even how much a stamp is nowadays (a whopping 85p for first class and £1.29 if you happen to buy thick or large cards!). That is enough to put anyone off, isn’t it? Check out the below cards I was sent from Aura Print and read on for my thoughts on the whole art of Christmas card writing!

Who to write cards to

Who do you write cards to? Do you give them to people you see daily or just those you don’t see much of?

I generally only write cards for people I don’t see regularly but always have some in for other people if they have given me one so as not to cause offence. My theory is that if you see them regularly why not just say have a nice Christmas instead of writing cards that end up recycled or in landfill anyway!

That said I do tend to write cards for close family, usually because I write something soppy and sentimental inside but I do realise how hypocritical that is when I actually write cards for those I live with!

I certainly can never imagine writing one for a pet who is none the wiser! Maybe you disagree, let me know in the comments!

Which cards to buy

Do you buy Personalised Christmas cards, funny cards, religious cards, eco-friendly cards or charity cards, or perhaps a bit of a combination? The pictured cards are from eco greeting card printing company Aura Print. I have previously bought a number of cards from different charities and often buy supermarket cards when I run out!

My great aunts always get a religious card from me as they are very religious ladies and I know they will appreciate the thought, even though I don’t go to church anymore.

If it wasn’t for being sent these cards I wouldn’t have even got any this year so need to get my skates on. It isn’t long until the last posting dates!

Do you have a favourite brand of cards or a favourite charity to support?

What do you write inside?

Do you write to or dear in your Christmas cards? Or perhaps something else? I always write dear but Stuart always laughs and says I should write to! Maybe I should change completely and write hi instead?

Generally, I don’t send a letter with mine except occasionally to elderly relatives. Do you write a letter or individual letters?

I hate getting those letters in cards that have been sent to everyone, usually bragging about what their children are doing now or how many holidays they have been on this year. Luckily I generally don’t know anyone like this anymore! Plus I guess with Covid perhaps there would be less holiday bragging!

Uk £20 and £5 notes on table

How many boxes of cards do you buy?

If you are buying lots of different cards then maybe you should have them printed instead and make like easier for yourself? I don’t mean necessarily those extortionately priced ones the kids have designed (usually half-heartedly!) but more like the personalised cards from Aura Print that are nice and simple and eco-friendly!

Also what about buying less anyway and giving the money to charity? even if you just saved £5, imagine if every family spent £5 less the money that could go into supporting perhaps the local foodbank or feeding the homeless at Christmas?

Got any spare cards?

I miss sending my Grandma a Christmas card even though I would see her too so do wonder if there are any charities or similar where I could send another elderly person a card to brighten their day?

On the subject of sending cards to people we don’t know have you ever got any spare Christmas cards and stamps? If so pop a card in the post to one of the Postpals children with a serious illness this Christmas, it will sure make them smile.

You could even consider using spare Christmas cards as gift tags if you don’t fancy buying personalised Christmas tags.

How about you?

Please do comment below and tell me what you do for Christmas, do you send hundreds of cards or just a few? Have you tried the Aura Print cards? Have your kids ever drawn any bizarre cards?

Ben, when he was about 7, designed a card I can only describe as “Death of the Snowmen”! It included snowmen pushing each other over, one snowman with blood and another with an axe! I did write a long description of how Ben described the scene and sent it with each card! We are currently packing to move house so I am not sure where it is but when I find it I will be sure to upload a picture and the full description of it!

If you found this helpful please share!

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