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Christmas is just over a month away, and many of us are dreaming of a clean and organised home, decked out in all of its Christmas glory. And then – you open your eyes and the reality hits. You look around the house and it is difficult to imagine making a start on clearing the clutter, having a deep clean, and ready for Christmas all at the same time.

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It is especially hard if you are planning on having guests over and want to make a good impression on them. Do you want to start some family traditions this Christmas and have some lovely photos so your home needs to look good? Fear not, though, as here we have some simple tips to get your home ready for Christmas.

Rope in help

If you can afford it, get people in to help. No one wins any awards for doing it all themselves, and it gives you a little bit of extra time to spend doing Christmas crafts with the kids or relaxing with your feet up in front of a cheesy festive film, then why not? Hire a cleaner to get your home ready for Christmas, hire MV Window cleaning to get the outside of your house look polished and sparkly, pay for your presents to be wrapped – whatever it takes to relieve some of the pressure on you.

Focus on the main areas

If you are having to do it all yourself, focus on the areas that people will see. Do not worry about reorganizing your wardrobe or the cupboard under the stairs. Instead, pour your energy into the main areas of your home – the porch and hallway, kitchen, lounge, and bathrooms. Pretty storage boxes and baskets dotted around are a good idea too – you can throw clutter into them and no one will be the wiser.

A room decorated for Christmas with Christmas tree and wreath on the wall

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Choose some seasonal scents

One of the greatest ways to make your home smell both clean and festive is to choose some Christmassy scents. Candles and wax melts are a great way to do this – think oranges and cinnamon and ginger. If you are not sure check out what sort of things are included in a posh Christmas hamper that should give you some tips. The best and most authentic way to get a Christmas scent is to buy a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm.

Set the table

Nothing makes your home look more polished than a beautifully set table. While this probably is not practical most of the year – especially if you have children – Christmas is the time to pull out the fancy festive tablecloth, china dishes and plates, and fresh, seasonal blooms. Have your table ready for Christmas early!

Clean the fridge and oven

If you are planning to prepare a Christmas feast, it’s a good idea to start cleaning the fridge and clean the oven thoroughly. Plan ahead to find out what kind of food you should make beforehand. Nothing is more frustrating than having to plan a big dinner for your guests in a day. Pies and side dishes can be made a few days before, so all you need to do is bake them or stick them in your (newly-cleaned) oven.


As lovely as it is to have a perfect home ready for Christmas, you won’t enjoy it if you are exhausted and stressed. Take time out to pour your favourite festive tipple, put your feet up, and enjoy the time with your nearest and dearest.

A closeup of a Christmas tree decorated with red and silver baubles

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