Do you ever feel like you just look a mess? So much of this is psychological and really you need to feel your best to look your best. If you feel rubbish then that will show in the way you look, the way you walk and your general demeanour.

I thought I would ask some fellow bloggers how they make sure they look and feel their best every day. I know I need these tips so I am sure I am not alone and you may find them helpful too!

Wear your best clothes

Don’t save your best clothes wear them at all times and you will feel amazing – when you feel amazing you will look even more amazing. – Becky from Eat Simply.

The first impression is the key. I dress up no matter how I’m feeling. People will judge a book by its cover. Wear your nice clothes. Don’t keep it for a special occasion. Wear your beautiful perfume always. When you smell and look good you will automatically feel good and confident. Do also wear those heels and flaunt what you’ve got. – Yvette from Uplifting and Inspiring Content.

Get Dressed

Even if you’re planning to stay at home, change out of home clothes. It could make such a massive difference to your mood. I find that I feel more down if I don’t get ready for the day and quite often unproductive too. – Victoria from The Growing Mum.

Be comfortable

Wear what you feel comfortable in and the clothes you like. Be proud of who you are and you will look great! – Anna from Twins and travels.

Wear clothes that define ‘you’ rather than following the crowd. If you wear your attitude, the confidence and style will shine through automatically! – Nicole from Tales from Mamaville.

I always make sure to walk around for a bit and sit down in clothes that I am trying on to make sure it is comfortable. Although something might look good standing in the changing rooms it may not be practical for whatever occasion you are attending. – Joanne from New Mum Fun.

Only wear clothes you love

Wear what you love. Nothing looks better and more flattering than a confident person. – Ayse from Coffee and Cwtches.

Choose clothes that you feel confident in and not those you are unsure of. When you wear something you’re not sure of it can affect your confidence all day long. Wear clothes that make you happy and feel great, even if it’s different to other people’s style.  – Victoria from Lylia Rose.

You don’t have to follow the crowds. Wear what makes you feel happy, even if that’s not what everyone else is wearing. – Tina from Girls Gospel.

Have a backup plan

I always have to have a few outfit possibilities for the day/event and then I’ll go for whatever feels the best to me at that moment. No matter how much you plan your outfit it can all go to pot if you don’t feel right on the day so instead of getting stressed it’s best to have some backup ideas. – Emma from Emma Reed.

I always go for LBD (Little Black Dress). It is definitely good to wear on any occasion – just alternate accessories, coats, shawls, etc. and people will not notice! – Veronica from My Parenting Journey.

Get a spray tan

Get a spray tan. All clothes look better when you’ve got a tan. Life is better with a tan. – Rosie from Mum in the moment.

Make sure your clothes fit

Wear clothes that fit you well. Go for colours that look good on you and always wear comfy footwear. – Lynsey from Mummy, thats me.

Don’t wear clothes too small just because you don’t want to go up a size is a lesson I have recently learnt. I have started to not let the size get to me anymore as each shop size is different. – Joanna from The Knight Tribe.

Accept compliments

If someone compliments your outfit, take the compliment and say ‘thank you’. Never downplay what you are wearing by commenting, even if it is the cheapest or oldest garment in your wardrobe. – Jo from A rose tinted world.

Choose your underwear well

Get decent underwear, I wore ill fitting bras for years and really silly little pants because I thought they were cute. Now I have a bra that fits and proper supportive knickers I feel so much better in whatever I am wearing! – Kate from ever after with kids.

Remember your hair

A good hair day can make an outfit. I always feel better when my hair looks nice! – Claire from Life, love and dirty dishes.

Getting a good night sleep makes all the difference so be sure to have a comfy bed and sleep well too.

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  1. Great tips! I can personally attest to the tip to just get dressed for stay at home moms! This really does make a difference in how you feel. It’s especially useful if you want to be productive for the day!

  2. These are great tips for any mom because sometimes moms forget themselves.Wearing comfortable clothes that fit well is one of the ways to stay beautiful.I also like your suggestion of always wearing the best clothes.

  3. A good hair day can make any day feel great. Combine that with my favorite outfit and I know it’s going to be a good day.

  4. I loved these tips and I haven’t thought about the fact that I should wear my favorite outfits more. I generally save them for events and then I always buy something new. I need to get some use out of them because I can see how it would make me feel my best when I wear them.

  5. I love frugal tips. Sometimes, it is fun to put on your “Sunday Best” as they say. I think I will skip the spray tan though.

  6. Yes to the underwear! I always find when I wear cute, matching undies that fit well that I suddenly feel better. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  7. I really like these tips! I believe that it’s really important to feel comfortable in our skin. I totally agree with “good hair days”. Honestly, whenever I feel that it’s not a good hair day I wear something random, because I don’t want to waste a good outfit on a bad hair day hahaha Loved this post!